Jeremih’s Late Nights

Free Jeremih show?! Sign me up. My homie emailed me a link to his free “Late Nights” Popup Show at The Roxy on Sunset, 11pm on Thursday. I invited a few heads but only 2 followed thru. As much as I hate flaking, I almost didn’t make it. I fell asleep around 8pm and snoozed about 5x, daydreaming about how dank it would feel if I just laid in bed instead.

Na, my FOMO wouldn’t let me stay lmao. Got ready stupid dumb quick and busted out the door. The line was fat when I pulled up. Uh oh, I don’t do lines. We cut. Sorry don’t hate us. I know, it’s bad karma. But hey. We were semi nice about it. Soooooo. We were there around 11pm…. only to wait…. almost 2 hours!!!!! No lie. The line wasn’t moving. It was so poorly run. The workers all complained too, which looked so stupid on their end.


They finally said fuck it and just let us all in. We were almost to the front of the line bc so many people had left. My 2 girls left me lmao. For a fucking bar. I love them but Jeremih was SO lit. He brought out Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Durk, Natalie Rose, and YG FO HUNNID. I died at YG. Fr. They fucked up. Ty$ played Blase like always. Had the crowd on a good one.


Shoutout to the plug. Jeremih was lit af. And he sounded great. His voice is one of a kind. He played Planez of course, everyone’s fav. Brought a chick on stage and serenaded her for Birthday Sex. He closed out with his latest single Oui.

Couldn’t really handle his velour zip up hoodie, gold mic, and stunna shades tho. Fr haha. Also I love the Roxy bc it’s small. Also empty, dunno why they had everyone waiting and freezing outside.

Week has been crazy. Been just doing what I have to and turning down after. Started a new gig and can’t tell if it’ll be worth my time. Wish I had all the answers.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Got put on this Ethiopian rapper from one of my editors. Fool has bars.



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