Sunday was one of the craziest days I’ve had in a long time. Legit so much fucking ridiculousness and it was ALL before noon. So first off, Spartan Race. Let’s talk about this fucking shit haha.

My homeboy from home somehow, some way, convinced me to do this. It was on Livingsocial so that seriously prob helped as I gave in. If you haven’t heard of the Spartan Race, check out:

It’s pretty much made for fitness gurus. Implying… if you’re not in shape. DO NOT SIGN UP. AKA ME!!!!! Fuh. Literally I was such an embarrassment to mankind out there. First of all, it’s at 8am. In the buttfuck of nowhere. Castaic Lake. Okay it was literally a gorgeous lake but we had to wake up at 6am in LA to get there. I had gone to bed maybe at 5am… I literally get so anxious knowing I have to be up. It’s so terrible.

I’m not even gonna lie. It was 400x worse than I had anticipated. And I was literally preparing myself for the worst. First off, my homeboy told me it was 3 miles. No. It was fucking 5. 5 miles of steep ass hills, gravel, dirt, obstacles I couldn’t fucking do. Sorry you’re gonna hear me rant for a bit. I got really emotional about it. About not being to complete the obstacles. They have an alternative if you can’t complete it which is 30 burpees. HA. Fucking hilarious. I can barely do 5 burpees. They’re so fucking hard :(. If you don’t know, it’s when you have to jump in the air and then right away go down and do a pushup, and then jump right back up. It’s really hard.

When you first start, you have to jump over a wall. Literally everyone was doing it. I jumped twice and quickly realized it wasn’t happening. Obviously, I had to. My homeboy stuck out his hands for me to step up on. Honestly, shoutout to him. He’s literally the most fit person I know and could have whizzed through the entire thing in record time. Unfortunately, he had to wait for my slow ass. He really helped me through it though. Mentally, physically, shoutout to him. He’s a legend.

The hills were so mf steep yo. I also fell on my ass like a good 5 times. Literally from the dirt and gravel being so slippery. It was pretty rough. Mile 1 seemed like the end of the race tbh. I could have been there right then and there. Plus I was sick. Like I needed a tissue in my hand throughout the whole race. Even when it was covered in mud, I was blowing.

Talking to a worker, I find out this is the Spartan Sprint which is the easiest one. That made me feel like shit lmao. There’s literally no way. The obstacles were so hard. I fell off the monkey bars in like 3 seconds lmao. Oh yeah I cried. Like a lil bitch! After the barbed wire obstacle. We had to crawl like we were in the army. That was too hard so I rolled. But the rocks and gravel hurt my legs cause I was in shorts. I still have battle wounds.

The next part of the day I can’t really share but that mentally put me in such a troubled state. My heart literally hurt.


My bro came to visit that day, thank the Lord above. I needed him more than ever. After running some errands, we were out of shit to do. So of course, movie time. Trumbo at Arclight Culver City at 5:40. Something about Arclight makes you like it more than other theaters. Maybe cause it’s bougie haha.

The film stars the dad in Malcolm In The Middle (how I know him), or how others may recognize him, as the star of Breaking Bad. Oh Bryan Cranston, I guess he has a name. He is such an amazing actor. Because of him alone, this film will win awards. It’s about a group of Hollywood writers who get backlisted for writing some political stuff. People thought they were communist. So nuts.

The movie was pretty good. Def a solid drama. My bro bro liked it too. If you’re in the mood for a serious flick, this def works.

Anyways. Life is crazy. I’m done.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Bas and J.Cole. Dreamville ftw.




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