Omg finally made it to the The Broad museum in downtown LA… only to be rejected from the infinity mirror room. FML haha. It’s been one of the biggest hypes in LA and so hard to get in. Apparently, even with reserved tickets, you have to be there within the first 3 hours of open to get on the wait list. It’s literally a 45 second time span you’re in there too. If you don’t know what I’m talking about Google it haha. But yeah, we called in advance. It’s all g tho. The Broad is super dope in itself. I had a blast and I love art. I really do. Museums are the shit.  I wish I took more pictures but literally never do 😦 sigh.


Here’s my one Snapchat haha. Oh well. So shoutout to my brothers cause we totally swooped on their reservation. They had a couple extra tickets and I had to go. I invited my gay bestie and old co-worker, my white fam lmao. They were super d and loved it also. Something about art is just so beautiful. It’s so eccentric too and out of the ordinary. Our reservation was at 5:30pm and we were able to walk right in.


This Honey I Shrunk The Kids table and chair was what I was excited to see lmao. Saw hella people post this and was excited to see it in person. Anyways. Love them.

We decided to catch Krampus at The Grove at 9:25pm. Scary movie ftl. Legit would have been SUCH a dope movie if it was happy haha. The cast was stacked tho. Plus it was entertaining. Pretty ridiculous. Let me know if you see it and we can talk abotu it haha. PS it’s unrated…. the fuh lmao.

I have to be up early af in the morning and went to bed at 7am last night. Lord help me please.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Jeremih’s album goesssssss. Jhene Aiko always too.




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