The Good Dinosaur.

I. Am. Still. Sick. Wtf. I honestly don’t get it. I never really get sick too. Minus my terrible diet, I just always was fine. A cold here and there, but never not able to work or go to school.

I’m really bummed about it. I had 4 tickets to the Broad museum today to see the infinity mirror installation room, and I legit couldn’t get out of bed for it. I reserved these tickets months ago. I took 2 Nyquil the night before, and it really felt like it did the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. Is that a thing? When you take too many meds when you’re sick so you’re worse? Ugh. I hate meds too. But I’m so desperate to get better. I was in bed til fucking 7pm. Every time I tried to get up for water I would have to lay back down. Glorious day off.

I finally mustered up energy to get up in the evening, drove to the store to get some Vitamin C. Decided to get a foot massage at Joy Foot Spa on La Cienega. Omg. My girl Mia was there and she is an angel sent from above. I seriously tipped her $12 on a $25 ticket. That’s 50% lmao. She deserved it tho. Although she thinks I don’t understand Chinese, I totally heard her talking shit. Sigh. Better to act clueless than react.


Have been scheming to see The Good Dinosaur since it came out. Shoutout to my soulmate for going with me. I felt so bad bailing on the Broad :(. But honestly, I don’t bail. Esp on shit that I hella want to go to. So that means you know it’s real.

The movie is a cartoon made by Disney/Pixar. I thought they were different and in competition w/ each other, but wrong. Pixar is owned by Disney. Soulmate works in toy design so she knows her ish haha. It was adorable. It’s about a lone dinosaur who somehow loses the rest of his family and has to figure out how to survive in the world on his own. Along the way he makes a human friend, who also loses his family. Together, they somehow learn how to survive the wilderness and find food and shelter.

We both thought the movie had some really sad moments. Touching, but sad. For me, it really made me think about my own life and my relationship with my family. It made me sad haha. I should really be more loving and kind to my parents. They do so much for me and I still am holding on to anger from my childhood. Sigh. It also made me think, DAMN. Dinosaurs really used to exist tho lmao. Can you imagine?

The animation was really good. And you have the option of seeing it in 3D if you wish. We hit up AMC Century City 15, and there were a couple heads in the theater. The row behind us kept busting up at parts I found no humor in. It was weird haha. There was also kids in the theater, who would repeat some of the noises from the movie. Twas cute.




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