The Danish Girl.

Whoa. Talk about walking into a movie you have no idea about and getting hit with some real life ish. The film is about a transgender and how he comes to realize who he truly is deep down: a woman. It’s just so trippy to me. He is happily married to his beautiful wife of 6 years. And she was okay w/ it too!! #what.


The main character is played by Eddie Redmayne who absolutely kills the role. Seriously. So many bold moments that made me respect him as an actor. I mean, homeboy dresses up as a straight up female. He also is really pretty lmao. Prettier than me. My hg said he was in Les Miserables (?), which I haven’t seen. Shocker.

Went with the my white fam: gay bestie and old co-worker. They thought it was really long, but I didn’t think it was as bad. 2 hours solid. Although I did get a headache towards the end. Still sick :(. Also, I feel like the subject is so serious, and you’re just focused on it the entire time. I’m sensitive tho.

Oh, def some nudity in this number. Rated R for a reason. One scene, he goes to see a doctor to diagnose him. The doc leaves the room and he grabs his notepad and sees the word “schizophrenic.” He straight up bounced from that bitch. That was really sad. People are so easily labelled as “crazy” for being different.

We went to Landmark on Pico, my fav theater. I was early for once, and they were late. I waited for like 20 minutes and started getting the worst anxiety ever lmao. Solo and inpatient > sad Shirley. The 10:40pm showing was actually the last showing of the night and they closed all the registers like the moment that clock ticked. My friends couldn’t get candy lmao. That trips me out bc I’m always like… don’t they want profit?

Oh, should you see the film? I say yes. I def think it deserved its amazing ratings. Also it’s a true story. Not trynta be dumb but, I def wonder if Caitlyn Jenner has or will see it.

I worked all day today. Black Friday ftw. It was a mad house. Fr non stop til after lunch. Low key loved it tho. Busy over bored any day. Also, it’s crazy how cheap people can be, myself included. Sometimes I just look at them like, bruhhhhh.

I had plans after to hit up a friendsgiving, one of my best hgs was in town. My PIC who left me for the bay </3. It was so good to see her tho. That initial hug was everything. When I got off, I musta texted like 5 heads and no one responded. So I fell asleep. Lmao. I do respect them for not being on their phones tho. They all hit me back hours later and the thought of putting on clothes was so rough for me haha.

So happy I caught them before they Ubered their way to Manhattan Beach. I swear, am I the only one who hates the turn up? Also got to reunite with my other fav person in the world, her gay bestie. My heart was happy.

Shit, almost December. Which is why I asked to work tomorrow. Rent. FML.

TRACK OF THE DAY: That new new.


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