The Night Before.

BAY AREAAAAAAAAA. Eeeeeeeek. I haven’t been home in days so I’m low key excited to touchdown in the Vale (Sunnyvale). Also haven’t seen the fam in a minute (friends not actual family), so this should be a nice little break.

When I landed in San Jose, it was hot. My standard North Face and Uggs duo were not gonna cut it. My mama picked me up which was pretty awkward. We don’t communicate and pretty much have never had a civil relationship. Don’t worry, well aware that needs to change. Just can’t rn.

Free food at home can never get old. I somehow found the leftover stash of candy from Halloween and went HAM lmao. My sis then picked me up and we get our nails did at this spot on Homestead called Town Nails. I hadn’t seen her in forever so that was nice. We’re both super busy so it’s hard to stay up to date :/.

The nail salon made me so mad. My lady lagged soooo hard and then at the end, my gel polish change cost $30. The same as my girl’s gel MANICURE. Apparently they charged a fee bc I got my last gel done somewhere else. Like an “out of store” fee to take off my last gel. I cannot. It’s like getting charged for extra sauce at McDonald’s. Ridiculous. And my lady could not multi task for the life of her. Patience Shirls. Patience.

And then I took the most glorious nap. And then I went on the most unglorious run. Ha. Then I met up with one of my best friends, legit one of my fav ppl on earth. All my friends know him. He’s so hilarious and has such the biggest heart. We decided to catch The Night Before featuring Seth Rogen. We hit up Century Theaters at Shoreline in Mountain View bc I heard they remodeled and have reclining seats.

FTW. The seats were the most glorious things on earth. Legit we were soooo comfortable. Backtrack. My Moviepass wouldn’t work ): and I couldn’t even finesse the situation bc no movies were playing past 11pm. There’s a 24 hour rule on the pass, and I went to see Hunger Games last night at 11pm. WEAK. It kind of boggled my mind that the card is directly linked to the app on my phone. I tried to pretend I checked in to see what would happen and it straight up didn’t work. It didn’t matter too much tho bc the movie was only 10 dollars! She blessed us with student discounts without having our IDs. Movies in LA are over $15… So cray.


The movie was fucking hilarious. Seth Rogen is a god. It’s about 3 lifelong friends, joined by Joseph Gordon Levitt and Anthony Mackie, and how they try to turnup on Christmas. Key word: try. The film got us pumped for the holidays. Tis’ the season.

There were a shit ton of stars from TV shows in the film, which I thought def added to the experience. They were all so hilarious. Seth Rogen on a shit ton of drugs- you really cannot go wrong. We were busting up the entire time.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Some new flame. Squad.





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