Still so lit ha. The Warriors beating the Clippers at Staples Center made my week/weekend. First of all, I rep the bay til I die. We shit on LA. Just saying. So one of my best homeboys is FROM THE BAY and a Clippers fan. Contradiction, right? Fr, I met him at UCLA and found out he was from San Jose, but he was wearing a Clippers jacket. Not normal. He takes his sports seriously too.


He was in town for the weekend and there’s no way we couldn’t hit this game. It was made for us. Shoutout to him for tickets. But shoutout to me for sneaking down lmao. You have to tho…

Yo the first quarter was so terrifying. Being down by 15 is not the way to start. Dubs went into this game 12-0 too, undefeated. No chance they could end it in Clippers territory. They pretty much were down the entire first half.

Please don’t kill me for saying this. But if I wasn’t a Dubs fan/from the bay, I’d prob be a Clippers fan. They’re a fun team and Blake Griffin cracks me up. I mean, can you seriously take him seriously from those Kia commercials? I respect him tho. He used to bug me flopping everywhere, but he hustles. I respect that. I also fucking love Crawford. He’s like a little ninja haha.

Ain’t nobody got shit on Steph Curry tho. Even the crowd was shouting MVP. Speaking of, I couldn’t tell how many Warriors fans were at Staples tn. When we first walked in, it felt like none. Then as the game went on, the crowd was more in favor of the dubs. Side note, where the hell did the Clippers Stripper go? ): I miss him.

The Dubs somehow pulled through. Well we always had it in us, but it was nerve-racking for a hot while. 124-117 eeeeek. Undefeated still. High-fiving fellow dubs fans at the game gives me life too ha. ANDDDDD you know me. I luh talking shit.


LMAO this Blake Griffin mask is SUCH A TRIP. We made a bet that if the Dubs lost I’d have to wear it to the car lmao. Too bad we slayed.

FullSizeRender (13)

This meme is everything.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Thugger is life.



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