Big K.R.I.T.- king of the south. It’s hard for me to hear that bc I think that title belongs to T.I., but I’ma give it to him tn. He legit had Los Angeles on a good one. My homie put on the show and hooked up ya girl. Shoutout to him! Regent Theater downtown let’s go.

I found out I had a plus one and hit up the hg. Woke her up from her nap and she was still d. Love her. I actually hit up a bunch of ppl and they were already going. Ok Krit I see you. Side note, I feel like a plus one gives you so much power lmao. I honestly prob woulda hit the show even without the hookup tho. I’ve been a fan of Krit’s since day one. Me and my good friend back home love his music. He just raps about real shit, and it goes hard. He has bars. We actually saw him perform at Tru Holllywood couple years back and he was so lit live. I was excited to see him again.


He recently dropped a mixtape called “Better This Way,” which I really enjoyed. I think I posted that track one time actually. He played a good amount tn. “86” was so turnt. He also brought out the OG Warren G for “No Static.” Of course, you gotta if you in LA. He closed out the show with “Party Tonight,” one of my favs on the project.

Krit played for a good amount of time. My hg said it was long lmao. I was like I’m so used to this. I saw a couple homies there. Service was weak af tho haha. The venue is so dope tho. It was smaller and no matter where you stood, you had a clear view of the stage. Krit turned it up tn. He was soooo lit. I seriously love when artists can put on a show. He put all his energy on the stage.


BJ the Chicago Kid opened for him. I fucks with him! If you guys don’t know, he’s on “Studio” with Schoolboy Q. Super ill r&b singer. The sound was a little off for his set, which was rough. He also gave us a little solo drum set. Before I snapped this pic, he had on a jacket and I was like, that has to be Bape. And then he took it off and his shirt was Bape lmao. I miss that brand, is that random?

What I really noticed tn was everyone in the crowd singing his lyrics. That was so dope to see.

Side note, I’m sick. Send help. Oh and I’m excited we found street parking tn so I spend 0 dollars today. Lmao. Don’t judge me.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Fav Krit song.



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