TODAY WAS SO DAMN ROUGH! Not even the case of the Mondaze. I legit was so sick at work, idk why. I felt like I had fever symptoms. My throat, mucus, sinuses, head, left eye, blase blase. Low key tried to go home and failed haha. I hate being a party pooper and my co-workers were legit lit.

Today was the day of the Omen show, where our friend Chief Wakil was opening. It was at Viper Room in Weho, which I’ve been twice. That place is small af. When it’s crowded, you cant move. I prefer smaller venues over big ones tho. Much more intimate. I saw my friend who was working, but she was legit so busy getting drinks. She actually ran into me on accident, and by ran into, I mean almost took me out.

I def didn’t think I was gonna make it tn. But my hg was struggling too haha. Her friend manages Wakil, and he hit us up about the show days ago. We copped tickets. I love to support. He hit us with the set times, and we pulled up just in time. Our other hg met us there. Oh, in line, ran into my friend who LOVES the Dreamville boys. I think it’s adorable. I love when people put on for an artist.


Wakil’s set was lit. I really fuck w/ his music. It’s real and all good vibes. A breath of fresh air from the ignant shit. His music is actually on Empire, which I think gives him major street cred. Bitches luh Empire. It was a short set. I wish he could play longer. He will soon. We had went out a couple months ago to see him perform at a spot in Beverly Hills, and got to meet the squad. We ran into his wife and her sis, who are both the sweetest human beings.

Next on the lineup was J.I.D., a cat from Atlanta. I believe he is part of Dreamville too. I first heard of Omen from the Dreamville mixtape. I was def familiar of some of his tracks. I found out this is called the Elephant Eyes tour, and his first time headlining a show. Good for him.


Omen got on stage and all 3 of us were like… *eyeballs emoji* lmao. He’s from Chicago and def reps his city, like every Chi-town rapper. He sounded good live. We all agreed we were gonna dip early tho, cause we were all sick. There was some speculation that J. Cole would show up. I woulda been hot haha.

Yo- why is it so fucking cold and windy in LA? I literally brought out my Snuggie for the car ride.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Introducing, Omen.




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