Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival.

Tyler, the Creator is a genius. Straight up. He’s a boss, and outdid himself this year. I think this is the 3rd year he’s put on Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. Someone posted the progression from the first year’s lineup to now, and it’s so dope. I remember how much fun I had last year, so I kinda knew what to expect. He legit took over the LA Sports Coliseum tn. It was so lit. It’s called a carnival for a reason. In fact, most people refer to it as the Odd Future Carnival. Ferris wheels, rides, lights, games, and of course, music.

I wasn’t expecting it but tickets sold out a couple days before the event. They were reselling for almost 2 bills. Ridic. Me and my hg low key were debating selling. But na. So glad we went. I mobbed with my homeboy, shoutout to him for driving! We were debating between driving or Uber, but the fear of getting stranded after is so real. Of course, compare that to the luxury of getting dropped off right out front.

Of course, I miss the one artist I really wanted to see lmao. YG at 5:40pm… WHY. Why so early haha. YG needs to be respected and have a longer set, at the latter part of the day. I guess he was up against some big names though. We find my hg and I sent a mass group text to everyone I knew there to meet me at the ferris wheel. Big ass fail haha. There were two ferris wheels….. I hate when you actually make an effort to meet up, and you just can’t seem to make it happen. Sigh.


We caught the second half of Mac Miller’s set. Lit, I love him. My hg said he looked chubby lmao.  I thought his last album GO:OD AM was solid. But then he disappeared again kinda. PS I never felt more basic in my Odd Future donut hoodie lmao. EVERYONE had that shit on. I didn’t even mean to. I stumbled upon it digging through my closet trynta find something warm 5 min before I left. The crowd was def entertaining too. Gotta love them all ages events. We caught Atmosphere which brought back a lot of memories. Of course, Sunshine- the classic hangover song. Def my go to when I was drinking. Their set made me really miss Rock The Bells. RIP.

There was some downtime so we strolled into the sports arena. Best decision ever. There was a skate park in there, and we just sat and watched. It was super entertaining. Skateboarding is seriously so scary haha. Falling just hurts so bad. I don’t understand how they do it. Across the way, we see a huge crowd building up. Turns out it was for Taco from Odd Future. He had a 15 minute set. TF?! Lmao. It was SO LIT THO. He legit mixed all the hottest hip hop tracks and had the arena sooooo turnt. I was in shock haha. We were all feeling it even in our seats at the way top.

Next up, the beautiful and flawless Jhene Aiko. OMG. Her set was fucking amazing. Minus the small detail that I couldn’t see fucking shit. Seriously. Being short blows haha. My homeboy commented she had on some dope leggings and I literally could not see them. Damn haha. You know I like to critique outfits too. Yo her voice, her swag, her being- so angelic haha. She played all her tracks. AND THEN. She brought out Big Sean for Beware. and I Know. So great. No one was really expecting that. They’re cute together haha.

We had to catch Tyler of course, who was on the main stage. Man, that guy is so angry lmao. He legit yells into the mic. He’s mad dope though. He brought out Schoolboy Q and called him his “fat friend.” I can’t. He has legit no filter haha. He spoke some in between, and commented on how they almost didn’t put on the event. Crazy. Cause 30K people showed up.

Alright, A$AP Rocky’s set literally stole the night. For everyone. First off, he’s bae. I forgot how much I truly loved his music. All his tracks were so lit and the energy was insane. Everyone in the crowd was there for A$AP. I’m so amped- he brought out French Montana and Puff Daddy and dropped my fav track! Off The Rip. Ayyyy. They also dropped Pop That. That track never gets old for me. He closed it up asking the crowd what they wanted to hear. It ended being Electric Body which went hard. Idk. His set was just so great. My best friend is seeing him back home in SF tomorrow and I’m so excited for him haha.

We mob to Snoop but we’re pretty much done at that point haha. IT WAS SO COLD!! Straight up I was freezing. And it’s not even fucking winter. Smh.

FullSizeRender (12)

I forgot I ran into Danny Brown. I was trippin out bc I literally was second guessing it was him. No gap tooth! He covered that ish up with a blinging grill. But really he did.


Til next time Tyler, til next time.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I love Frenchie. I love A$AP. East Coast in the building.


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