Our Brand Is Crisis.

These meds legit are making me woozy. Like… I feel weird. I feel like the steroids in the eye drops are seeping through my whole body. I was pretty nauseous last night, but now I just feel weird. I was bed-ridden all day ): I guess it justifies the fact that I can’t work. Whatever. I just need to get better.

I signed up for a free personal training sesh with my hg’s old trainer. She highly recommended him and proceeded to send me a screenshot of the trainer and Nipsey Hussle. Done deal. Ha. Nip is number one. He works out of the 24 Hour Fitness Supersport in Santa Monica, on 31st Street. I have a gym membership to LA Fitness, so I had to finnesse lmao. Altogether we prob worked out for about 30 min. He showed me a lot of basic moves that I could do with my own body weight.

When we first met up, he asked me what my goal was. I said to be stronger. He asked how we could measure that, and I wasn’t sure. What he did help me realize, is how much of a mental obstacle it was for me. Yes, of course, physical too. But I seem to tell myself I’m weak, which hinders me from ever taking that risk. It’s that feeling of being uncomfortable that I need to learn to embrace.

Me and my soulmate were bored so we went to see Our Brand Is Crisis with Sandra Bullock. She’s so beautiful haha I love her in every movie. Billy Bob Thornton from Bad Santa is in it too, but I had a hard time taking him seriously. He was uber bald haha. The film is about politics and how Sandra is put on a team to help a candidate win presidency for Bolivia. We def looked up where Bolivia was bc they were speaking mad Spanish haha. It’s in South America.


Side note can we look at how addicted my girl is to jalapenos lmao. Shit is comedy. They first only gave her 4 and she wanted more so I jokingly said give her 10. They did. The movie wasn’t terrible. I can see why it got 50% though. I actually dunno shit about politics so I thought it was interesting to see how it works, from the back end. There’s so much that goes behind a political campaign and so much damn competition. Especially to run a whole country… that shit is intense.

I still can’t tell if the movie was a drama or comedy. I was chuckling throughout tho ha.

I can’t wait to get back to work.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This track goes. R&B vibes. Jeremih always kills it.


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