Honestly in shock rn. Future brought out Drake tn and it was so lit. It surprised everyone. Nobody expected it. Well, I didn’t. It was funny cause the crowd went from 0 to 100 when Drizzy came out. They were so lame before haha. Not me tho, you know how I feel about Future.

Okay let’s backtrack. Real 92.3 is LA’s newest hip hop radio station. Home to Big Boy, prob my fav radio personality. Seriously he’s fucking hilarious. His interviews go too haha. The line up for the show tn was lit. It was at The Forum in Inglewood, one of my fav venues. They kept saying it was sold out, but I don’t think it was haha. We snuck down fasho. My hg and her bf were there already and told us what section they were at. Free upgrade? Always. There was luckily a row we could all fit in. They copped tickets like 20 minutes before the show and got them for mad cheap. I’m like damn. That’s the way to go.

I went with my hg and 2 of her friends. I hadn’t seen her in a minute so I was excited. We’ve actually both seen Kendrick Lamar a bunch of times. She was most excited for Fetty Wap, who got taken off the lineup. Womp womp. Is homeboy still hurt from his motorcycle accident?? Who knows. He’s super dope live tho, so if you ever get the chance, I’d recommend it. We decided to Uber from her crib in K-town. On the way we missed Rich Homie Quan and Jidenna. She was kinda trippin cause she wanted to see Quan but I was straight. I thot we were right on time lmao.

We show up and catch the end of Jeremih’s set. He played “Planes,” and played J.Cole’s verse, without J. Cole. Ha. It was still everything though. Next up was Ty Dolla $ign, who always brings out a squad. He pulls out Omarion for “Post Ta Be,” Wiz Khalifa, whose mic wasn’t working at first, DJ Mustard who looks skinnier, and Joe Moses. Side note, it always trips me out how skinny Wiz is. His legs are legit sticks.

Rae Sremmurd was up next. If you struggle with spelling their name like me, just remember it’s “ear drummers” backwards. Genius right? I love these boys. Boys bc they’re hella young haha. I just want to hang out with them. Maybe smoke one. “No Type” was lit. They also played “Blase” with Ty twice throughout the night. Meh. That song goes but I hate repeats haha. Pet peeve.


Okay Future’s set haha. I confessed my love for DJ Esco already… He started with “Thought It Was A Drought” of course. Played “Real Sisters” and “March Madness” and a couple others before OVO graced the stage. Yo. Drake joining Future for “Fuck Up Some Commas” was soooo lit. Drizzy’s dance moves were very much like those in his “Hotline Bling” video. They then dropped “Diamonds Dancing” off What A Time To Be Alive. Pause I just realized they didn’t play “Where Ya At.” Drake took over the stadium with “Know Yourself.” I WAS RUNNING THROUGH THE 6 WITH MY WOES.


Me and my hg damn near cried haha. PS. Shoutout to her. I wasn’t gonna come. Yes bc of my eye. it’s embarrassing okay ): and it hurts when it’s bright. But I had this genius plan during the 3D Peanuts movie last night lmao. I texted her and asked if she’d be d to rock stunnas with me so I wouldn’t be alone. She was d. I was like bless your soul haha. I’d do it for her tho. It was hilarious walking into the stadium with them on. We could barely see.

I almost forgot about Kendrick, the headliner ha. He was dope. I always forget how much I did fuck with his music. He’s a real one for sure. I was trynta figure out what jersey he was rocking haha. He brought out Jay Rock for an encore. He’s mad dope and also part of TDE.

My eye hurts.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Lil Uzi Vert from Philly just dropped a mixtape and it knocks. Here’s where you may have heard him. This was in rotation at the club fasho.


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