The Peanuts Movie.


WHALE WATCHING in Newport Beach. Groupon ftw. Well, it expired today, so we had no choice lmao. I’m not gonna lie, the whole experience was extremely painful with my eye, but I sucked it up. No way I’m losing this deal haha. But the bright sun was legit painful. Even the drive down I was squinting and shutting my eyes. I was super hesitant going in the first place. Going in public with 0 makeup isn’t the best ego boost. I’m super glad we did tho. Partly bc of my hg. Honestly it doesn’t matter what the fuck you do, it’s about the company you’re with.

Not gonna lie, it was a HUGE mish to get down to the OC. First of all, Newport is one of the farther cities in that clump of cities that end in ‘beach.’ We had a reservation at 2:30pm at Davey Lockers Whale Watching. We left LA a little after 1pm and barely made it. I was about to be so sad if the boat left without us. We kept calling to see if they could wait for us, but 0 sympathy. We pull up around 2:30pm only to be faced with the worst customer service. We were instructed the boat was leaving in 2 minutes and we prob wouldn’t make it.

Our asses booked it down the pier. It was at Balboa Island, and they had so many activities to offer. Kayaking, boats, paddle boarding, ferris wheel, you name it. It was super cute! My scene. No time to waste though, the whale watching boat was at the end of the pier and we were gonna make it. Lmao. Which we did. There was apparently 80 people on this trip out. They also didn’t leave for like another 20 minutes. They played us hardddd haha.

So, whale watching included 0 whales. Ha. Dolphins doe! And sea lions. They were easy to miss so you had to really pay attention. The entire ride lasted like 2.5 hours. It felt good being on a boat haha. It got breezy towards the end, but the sun was blaring in the beginning. Me and my hg chopped it up. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Just the way she cared for my eye and made sure I was okay was super heart warming. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s make sure you always keep positive energy around you. Negative energy is contagious and a waste of breath.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Also- fuck w/ people who fuck w/ you too. How beautiful is this sunset? Felt like Titanic up in there lmao. On our way back, we decided to hit Plato’s Closet, bc we both had a bunch of clothes to sell. On our way, we fell in love with the city. It was so cute. Some people may call it bougie, which I can totally see why. There were just so many stores and things to do. We drove by South Coast Plaza, which is the most glorious mall/shopping center. All the Christmas lights were up and it was just so pretty to look at.

The store was in Santa Ana, 20 minutes away. For those of you who sell clothes, this spot is wayyyy better than Crossroads. Mostly bc they don’t only buy for a particular season. Crossroads took nothing of mine bc it was all too summer-y. Plato’s took 8 items… for mf $16.50. That’s like 2 dollars for a shirt. Worth $100. Bullshit. The mindset to keep is: better than nothing.

Got home in time to shower before my bros came. They had a birthday to attend in Hollywood later, and so loyally they had to visit their main chick. We wanted to see The Peanuts Movie, bc that’s our steez. I’m honestly obsessed with Snoopy haha. I think the dog is just adorable. The boys wanted to turnup and eat dinner, which is exactly what the iPic theaters in Westwood was created for. If you haven’t been to a dine-in movie theater yet, they’re pretty legit. Killed 3 birds with 1 stone.


The movie was in 3D and cute af. It tells the backstory behind Charlie Brown, the little boy with 1 strand of hair on his forehead, and his quest to get the red haired girl he loves. Snoopy is his pup. It was short, much appreciated. This place is def bougie. Perf for date night. It’s right by Westwood on the westside. We got to chat the entire movie which I love lmao. We didn’t sit by anyone..

My eye hurts.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Really wanna go to one of Odezsa’s 3 sold out shows in LA. Help.


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