I cried today. I did. It was intense. It was right before my nap before I dozed off. I’ve been really emotional. And my eye isn’t getting better. It seems like the medication I got made it worse, which makes no sense. I was driving today and the sun legit hurt my eye. It’s super sensitive to light. Sigh. I cancelled most of my plans this weekend cause I’m scared I’ll scare people. I legit feel fine to function, but can’t get myself to show face places. I haven’t worn makeup since Monday… yeah.

Went to the gym tn and it was super empty. I guess I prefer that, but it was noticeable. Also- I have to mention the show playing on the TV haha. Well, one of the TVs. Masterchef, juniors edition. I actually secretly love the Food Network. I used to always make the workers at the UCLA gym change the channel lmao, as I died on the treadmill. This was like Top Chef, but with children! Like 9 years old. They were so legit. They were good too. It’s crazy how young you can start to perfect your craft. I think about that with child actors too. How the hell do they memorize all those lines?! I can barely memorize a phone number.


Nothing else to do but go see the new James Bond movie called Spectre. 10:15pm at The Grove was poppin. The theater was packed too. We had to sit in the bottom level. It’s also opening night so I guess that’s why. What is this, the millionth Bond movie? 007 still exists yll. The movie was chill. Not really sure what happened but you don’t have to. It’s meant to entertain. Twas action packed and I loved all the cities they were in. It was fairly long, 2 hours and 30 minutes. I had to take a break in between. Also, my eye was so sensitive. The screen was legit too bright for me to handle. I had to squint… so hopeless haha.


Me watching the workers build the life size gingerbread house at The Grove at 1am. That ish should be edible haha. PS, so fucking glad I got the Moviepass. The Grove raised their movie prices to $15.50. Who are they! The worst part is they can. No one is gonna make plans to see a movie and get there and be like, sorry. Not paying the extra fitty cents. Sigh. At this rate, who knows how high it will get. Oh and my gay bestie swooning over Daniel Craig the entire movie was everything. He does have amazing eyes tho.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Hg sent me this track tn. Feels so hard. Cuffing season fr.


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