Snooooooze. Jk. I had fun with my boo. He’s the newest addition at my job and I adore him. Get ready though. I have so many random thoughts about this “scary” movie.


9:40 showing at The Grove. I got the Moviepass guys!!! Unlimited movies for 35 bucks a month. Snatch. There’s a 2 week trial too, y’ll should def hit that up. I honestly don’t know what took me so long. I coulda been rich by now. Oh well. I was over-prepared to be scared for this one. But it honestly wasn’t shit haha.

I said snooze bc it was long af. We were like…. okay. I mean, scary movies should never be longer than 1 hour 40 minutes imo. The first hour was mad slow. A lot of buildup. I honestly was scatter brained and had no idea what was really going on. Good thing it didn’t matter much. The film is directed by Guillermo del Toro, who is famous. Def known for his horror films. Okay the main white chick looked way too similar to Kate Hudson. I couldn’t handle it. Her name’s Mia Wasikowska btw.

The movie reminded me so much of Titanic. The costumes, particularly the extravagant dresses, and the era itself. But really, those dresses were insane. Is it necessary to have that big of ruffles on your sleeves? They were nice tho lmao. A+ for costumes/wardrobe. There’s an award for that right? Best costume?

Mia plays the daughter of a wealthy businessman, and is made out to be spoiled in the film. Honestly though… if you’re born into wealth, I feel like that label is hard to escape. Obviously you can be humble and generous and what not, But that way of life is all you know. #perspective. In the beginning, she is warned by her mother’s ghost to “beware of Crimson Peak.” Of course, where does she end up..

She’s a writer and writes a ghost story that is praised by many. That was actually one of the main points of the movie I got. Whether or not ghosts are real. It felt like we were pushed towards the thought that they are. Lmao at one point in the film, when Mia sees a crazy gory skeleton zombie / ghost / who knows what, I wa like, I’d def kill myself at that point. No joke, her reactions to the creatures were so fucking calm. It pissed me off. Clearly ha.

Homeboy next to me literally predicated so much in the movie. I was like dang, you’re good haha. Jessica Chastain kills it tho. And by kills it, I mean she’s beautiful haha. The movie went from 0 to blood real quick. Fr. Red on the screen. Ummmm yeah. Halloween’s over. So sit this one out haha.

I walked out of internship today literally freezing. This made me so sad. I’m literally not ready for winter. I’m not.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This track goes so hard. The lyircs and hook got me. Cyhi is dope. I think he almost got signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. label and there was some drama with that. I think.


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