Core Power Yoga.


Yoga has been on my list of things to do for quite some time now. I literally purchased a mat off Amazon years ago and never opened it. Such a hoarder damn. My hg told me about this spot that gives you a free week of classes. I understand why now though, bc it was literally amazing. I remember looking at the prices and being like DAMN, but I can definitely see why people go on a regular basis. I would if it was closer and I could afford it.

Core Power Yoga on Wilshire in West LA. There’s another location in Westwood on Glendon. This one was closer to me by like… 2 minutes. Ha. You literally sign up online and they register you when you arrive. No need to make reservations or anything. Just show up. AND they have evening classes. Such a win. I went to C1.5 at 9pm. It goes for an hour. It’s beginner friendly which is totally what I needed.

First of all, I’ve heard yoga is totally dependent on your instructor. My lady was AMAZING. Like one of those people you’re like, damn, how can I be you? She was so calm and relaxed and just gave off the most positive energy. I think I understand yogis now. The class was in a dark room and definitely hot, on purpose. Each class they provide is listed with the degree of temperature the room is set in. As much as I hate cold, I hate hot also. There’s no winning.

I’ve only had a small taste of yoga (in a setting I would not like to revisit…) and knew a couple poses. However, I felt like such a noob. I was literally looking at everyone next to me every time she called out a pose. I felt dumb looking over my shoulders constantly, but I had to. There was no other way to catch on. I’m a little more confident as I’ll probably go back in my free week, but I still feel I’ll need guidance.

The entire hour really tested my anxiety and patience. It’s exactly what I need and hate at the same time. My birth control alarm accidentally went off at 9:30pm (lmao), and I realized, WOW it’s only been 30 minutes?? Fitness classes usually drag for me. But with yoga, I felt a sense of calmness. Something I really truly need on a daily basis. It targets your breathing and keeping your mind focused on what’s happening in that very moment instead of everything in your external world. Even in a short 30 second time span, I find my brain fluttered with the most random thoughts. Such as… what I need to do when I get home, or who I need to text about something probably so unimportant.

Anyways, Core Power Yoga was dope af. I hope to go back and hope my friends will go. I told a couple friends about it. But people have been disappointing me lately. Smh. Am I being emo? I’m trynta just do my own this week. Or for the time being. I treasure my friends dearly but sometimes, they disappoint me for no reason. Argh. Ok bye.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This came on my XM radio this morning and I remember how much I loved it. Wale’s being mad petty on social media rn too. Can he just produce music and shutup 😐


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