The Last Witch Hunter…


OMG. Rant time. Mf Fandago did us dirty. Also the Flixster app. We had it all planned out. I was gonna meet my gay bestie at The Grove right when I got off work to catch the new Sandra Bullock movie. But no. They played us. The movie was actually showing an hour later… smh. I had some stuff to take care of after so I didn’t wanna wait. Also it had been a long ass day. Def slept in my car on my break. For those of you who worked today… how slow was it? Legit didn’t get a customer/sale until like 5pm.

We decided to catch The Last Witch Hunter starring Vin Diesel. I had a hard time separating him from the Fast &¬†Furious movies. His role in this one was a lot different tho. A lot more… fiction. Lmao. That’s how I would describe this film. It wasn’t terrible. But that was the whole point of the film. Pure entertainment. I personally am not a huge fan of witchcraft. It’s high key spooky. I did love Sabrina the Teenage Witch tho. That was my ish.

So yeah, obvi, Vin is the witch hunter who has to save the city of New York. Another reason why it was unrealistic to me. But maybe that was the point. He is immortal and was cursed with eternal life. Hmmm. It had some disturbing parts. The witches and sci-fi-ness were a little intense and creepy. My friend loved it. I can’t deal with him lmao. My mind wandered a lot throughout. But it was fine, bc you didn’t need to be focused this time. Thank goodness haha.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Throwback. We listened to old school music all day at work today. Music was honestly better then. ):


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