Yooooooo. Thank goodness October is over. Halloween was starting to get real annoying. Maybe cause I’m bitter cause I ain’t creative and never can find a good costume. So yeah, opt out to a onesie fasho.

Me and my hg impulsively bought our ticket for Hard Day Of The Dead. Hard Summer was dope af and Future was on the lineup for Saturday, I had to do it. I saw him at Made In America in Philly, but you can never get enough Future. This was held at the Pomona Fairplex again. I was trippin cause the weather in LA has been real hot lately. All the stages were inside this year, which was def hard to get used to. They also had this thing called media blackout which was real crazy. People have died from the event in the past and there was an article saying there wouldn’t be any media coverage on that ish. WTF.


We actually saw a girl having a seizure. She was like convulsing. It was bad. My heart goes for that ish. Future’s set was so beyond lit. I also am in love with DJ Esco, Future’s DJ. “The coolest DJ in the word.” Fr, I tweeted I wanted him babies and he favorited it. It made me feel some typa way haha. But yeah, we wanted like 8 hours of Future. Too bad we only got an hour. After his set we were d for whatever. My soulmate was a sriracha bottle and I was in a minions onesie. Shit was mad funny. How perfect is this meme tho?

FullSizeRender (5)

I met up with my other bb who is an absolute sweetheart. She is good vibes all day and I absolutely treasure those people. We ran into my brother and his crew which was mad dope. I was excited to see them because he did me dirty at Hard Summer and never met up with me. So he redeemed himself meow. I also ran into my good friend from college. Him and his crew were all minions. It was a beautiful moment. It was like the solo minion found her people. Ahahaa. I apparently got the ghetto onesie, cause my homies came with goggles, gloves, and a hat. Not fair.

We didn’t really care for the other acts. We saw some of Father, Flying Lotus, and a couple hours. The ride home I was real reflective. Getting all emo saying how I wanted to be a better person. Idk, I had a pretty rough week in terms of getting into scuffles with some heads. It made me real sad and I realized, I could honestly be a better person. I can work on myself every single day, even if it’s something miniscule. But yeah, I’m working on it.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Future on my mind always.


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