Meet The Patels.

Saw Meet The Patels tn w/ the broskee in Irvine. There was literally nothing else out/I’ve seen it all. We really wanted to see The Walk but it seems like it left theaters already. Welp. This means, Indie films with over 90% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. We hit up Edward Cinemas, a theater that I guess only plays Indie films. I was low key super d cause my homegirl’s last name is Patel, Lawl.

The movie is a documentary about a guy name Raj, who is stuck between choosing between his culture and the girl he loves. The film shows real life scenes of Raj as a first generation, who had no choice but to be sucked into the American society. He breaks up with his white girlfriend of 2 years, bc of cultural differences. In other words, his parents would not be d. Incorporating bits of humor and quirky-ness, the movie does a great job shedding light on arranged marriages in the Indian culture. My brother said they actually had a pretty high success rate. Way better than the statistics for divorce here probably.

At one point, the dad states like if you’re not married and have no kids, you’re the biggest loser. Ouch. I’m definitely in that category. It freaked me out for a sec. But then I moved on. I def wouldn’t spend money on this film, unless you’re Indian maybe? It was educational to say the least.


I got to hit up Disneyland today to meet up with one of my fav females from back home. She was going all weekend with her family and when she told me, I def invited myself. When I arrived, she was with my roomie in line for Grizzly. First of all, I’ve never heard of this ride. Maybe cause I hate water rides. It’s the theme park water, I’m convinced it’s polluted. That combined with the feelings of being damp and cold is my reasoning. I manned up for the team tho, with a lot of complaining. Of course, I accidentally sit next to the opening and get the most wet. I was soaked. My roomie next to me had a ball, giggling and all. It was adorable.

Hg and her fam got a spot at the hotel that’s literally in California Adventure. Glorious. We literally sat poolside and chilled. I feel like most Disneyland trips, people always want to nap midday. This would be so clutch. Def not for the basics tho. I think her dad is a long time member. Life goals for sure.  PS I made the mistake of parking in Downtown Disney. You get 2 free hours, and 4 hours if you get it validated. It used to be 3 free hours I think. Def had to fake getting a table at a restaurant to get my parking validated. It was embarrassing fasho haha. It’s $12 an hour after the free ones. RIDIC. Def would rather just pay for the lot next time. I literally left with a minute to spare. Ah. The consequences of being cheap.


Last night was super lit. I got to see the new Yeezy collection, both snow boots and clothing. I say snow boots bc the majority of my friends hate them and think they’re ugly. Smh. These are the women’s. I think retail was like $700-800. Damn. So Wildstyle threw a party and RJ came through to perform. I love him. He was decked out in Joyrich, it was hliarious.  If you guys don’t know, Wildstyle is owned by Joyrich. They’re across the street on Melrose also. They sell a lot of more high end designers and trill ish. They had the Yeezy collection on mannequins. It was the grunge look that we saw during New York Fashion Week. I def didn’t think I’d be d, but many items caught my eye. Fashion can be so subjective…

TRACK OF THE DAY: Dom and RJ. Yassss. RJ is DJ Mustard’s protege. Def got them beats.


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