Jobs… Steve Jobs.


Another movie about Steve Jobs. I heard this movie it was pretty good though, and it would remind me of home, which it totally did. Bay Area stand up. Steve is from Palo Alto, which is in my area. My heart jumped a little every time “Cupertino” was mentioned. Towards the end, he also brings up Homestead High School, which was where a ton of my friends went in Sunnyvale. I’ma tell them to see it just for that haha.

Another Steve Jobs biopic was made a year or two ago, called Jobs. Ashton Kutcher stars as the main character. Ask me if I remember any of it, I dare you. If you guys don’t know, homeboy invented Apple. That means he is a boss, if there ever was one. Apple and Macs have taken over this generation. It’s pretty much synonymous with technology. Fr. We’re on the iPhone 6. Do you ever think how far it will go? Like will there be iPhone infinity? Scary.

The movie was really intense. That’s how I would describe it. It was always in the fast lane. THE ENTIRE MOVIE. Never had a chance to breath. My gay bestie described it really well: a lot of dialogue. He said the script to the film was amazing. I would have never noticed if he didn’t say anything. But it’s so true. The movie basically shows how he and his people go about developing such an innovative product.

I really wanted to stay awake but I had such a long day. I passed out and by the end of the movie I was delirious. For a second I was worried I couldn’t drive home. You know when you’re so damn tired you can’t drive? It’s actually incredibly dangerous. Studies show it can be equivalent to driving drunk. Not the business. Plus it’s a miserable feeling. I don’t even know how I’m up rn. I did just have this bomb Toasted Vanilla Coconut yogurt though. Greek yogurt to be exact.


Went to my first USC game with my roomie. I’ve never been a die hard fan of college sports or football, but I really wanted to go to a game this season. Who knew it would be so fun. We both had a great time. First of all, Utah is the 3rd best team in the nation. Although SC was favored, the numbers don’t lie. We were prepared. We first checked out the tailgate on campus which was a world in itself. Seriously, I felt like I was in undergrad again.

We met up with my homie who had been there for a couple hours now. People don’t play when it comes to tailgating. They had bought wristbands for this thing called Booze Brothers where you get unlimited alcohol and tacos. If I was drinking, that would def be a snatch. They were on a good one. The campus was swarmed with red and gold. Literally, everyone was decked out. There was a parade when we arrived. The band apparently is notorious at USC. Super talented. However, if they cover “All I do is win win win, no matter what…” one more time, I will die. Throughout the game, they must have played it at least 10x. If not more.

The game started at 4:30pm and we walked over around 4pm to get good seats. Being in the Coliseum was a total flashback to when EDC was in LA. That shit goes down in history. My roomie actually reminded me of it. I had a moment reminiscing. Football is def not designed for people with ADD. I lost the ball so many times lmao. But it was good. We killed them. So much more to say but I’m tired.

I hiked Runyon Canyon this morning with my girl and her friends. She organized the hike for people in music. Shoutout to her, she’s mad dope. Of course, my fear came true. Getting lost at Runyon. I just never know where to park or meet at the right spot I swear. I accidentally parked at the top and had to run down the hill to meet everyone at the bottom. By then, I was done lmao. It was hot af too.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Meet Kodak Black. All we know, is Drake is bumpin him. Happy birthday today btw.


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