Tonight was kind of a fail. But it’s okay. Can’t win them all. I was excited because I thought I had won free tickets to an advanced screening of the new Paranormal Activity. I think it’s the 6th one or something? But yeah, technically it comes out this weekend. I got an email last week about a free screening, and assumed it was for the new one. I invited my hg and we were stoked. After a long day at work, I go home shower, and pick her up. No time to spare. It was all the way in Hollywood at the TCL Chinese Theaters. I’ve been there a bunch of times and knew I had to leave early.

Upon arrival, the ticket lady warns us that it’s NOT the new one, but the original. Ouch. I bet a bunch of people were disappointed, enough for her to start giving disclaimers. Damn. I said hi to my friend who bartends there as we tried to decide to stay or not. My friend was so sweet, offering me free drinks and what not. I haven’t had to say “I don’t drink” in a long time I feel. That resonated with me a little bit. We decided to dipset.

On our way back, my hg wanted In N Out, which lead into a conversation concerning my texting and driving. I get it, I really do. I legit feel awkward when I don’t text and drive. That’s not even an excuse, but the reality of the situation. As much as I try, I can’t seem to just, not. Almost like an addiction. That may be dramatic, but as an addict, it is fitting. I promised her I would work on it. And I honestly need to for myself…


Me being me, I couldn’t not do anything tonight. It was barely 10pm. I was not gonna go home haha. Hit up my gay bestie and we decided to see Bridge of Spies. 10:30pm at The Grove, our second home. We decided tn we need the damn Moviepass. For 30 bucks a month, you get unlimited movies. It pays for itself after just 2 movies. I know. I’m fuckin up.

The movie got like… 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Tf. It stars Tom Hanks, whom I do not love. It was directed by Steven Spielberg, who I know has major street cred. The film was based on a true story. It takes place during The Cold War, which was the period of time after World War II. It was tension between the United States and Soviet Union. Thanks Google. History was never my strong suit. Tom Hanks plays an attorney who has to defend a Russian spy in court. That raises a lot of issues, including endangering the safety of his family.

The movie was long… and slow. I feel like the high ratings were definitely for the production of the movie. It was definitely very well shot. Tom Hanks also kills it, standardly. I know he’s super talented. I just don’t usually gravitate towards his films. I was honestly super awake when the movie started. And then I lost it. We both did. We fell asleep. Wompppp. I’m prolly the worst movie reviewer ever lmao. But yeah. Idk. Smh.

OOOO. New emojis today. Including the middle finger emoji. But honestly, it’s not as dope as I thought it would be. I would never use it seriously. It’ll always be in humor.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Big K.R.I.T. just dropped a mixtape called “It’s Better This Way.” I fucks with this track.


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