Can you say trip down memory lane?! Childhood memories def included reading Goosebumps books. Do I remember any of it? You bet not. I wish I did. I remember I loved the special edition books where you flip pages. You get to pick one way or another, A or B, and it leads to a certain ending. I really hope I’m not confusing these with another series cause my homies did not remember them haha.

10:30pm showing at The Grove yassss. I think this comes in 3D also, but that’s just being extra. Sorry I only have Snapchat pictures to show for my nights. They come in handy doe. Went with my LA fam. They’re the cutest. FYI, The Grove has cut down their trailers from 20 minutes to 13. I now have less time to be late. Fml lmao.

The movie was cute. It was PG so you know. What’s interesting to me is that my generation was heavy on Goosebumps. If this movie was made for kids today… do they know about it at all? Do they feel some typa way?! Prolly not. Anyways. Jack Black was amazing. So in character. He’s a really good actor. The movie starts out with a young boy, Zach, who just moved to Delaware from New York, and his mom was going to be the vice principal of his high school. The irony is- who would do that? Move from NY to a small town. He’s embarrassed by his mom, and asks for a 60 second head start when they pull up to school. Normal for a teenager.

He ends up being neighbors to R.L. Stine, the author of Goosebumps. This is discovered later in the film, as he first hangs out with Stine’s daughter. Stine, played by Black, warns the young boy to stay away. And of course, he doesn’t. There is one character, Champ, who plays Zach’s socially awkward friend, who is absolutely hilarious. Eventually, monsters come to life in the film. I’ll let you watch the rest.

There’s one line I liked that Jack Black says. “In every story, there’s a beginning, middle, and a twist.” I actually really liked that. No ending necessary.


Went to the pumpkin patch tonight. Literally a tradition to go with my roomies every year. Mr. Bones in Culver City! It was in Beverly Hills last year and moved. I was reading reviews on Yelp (no life), and people were complaining that this means no more celebrities. Bruhhhh. Anyways. It’s def a cute lil outing, so you should go before Halloween ends!

TRACK OF THE DAY: In honor of Snoop Dogg’s birthday today, Burn Slow.


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