OKAY. Honestly, what the eff. haha. This was honestly one of the weirdest experiences, lmao. But it was comedy. I was laughing the entire time. I’m literally on Yelp rn looking up Racer’s Edge Indoor Karting in Burbank because I’m that confused. We both were. Not too sure how it got 3.5 stars, but reading the bad reviews makes me feel better haha.

First of all, I copped a Livingsocial, which is just like Groupon if you didn’t know. It said one voucher for a 15 lap go-kart race… AND A SODA. I more than likely impulsively bought this bored at work or something. I bought two cause you know, who wants to go alone. For some reason, I was going through my orders earlier this week, and realized it expired today. Screw any plans I could have done tonight, I was gonna redeem this ish.

Thank goodness my fav female was d. My love for this girl runs deep. Shoutout to her. I called in advance to find out deets, which wasn’t very friendly. The guy on the phone was a little rude. So I guess it’s literally a 10-15 minute race, and no reservations. Which totally sucks cause Burbank is a good 30 minutes away from West LA/mid city. Whatever, it looks like it’s date night tn.

We left around 9:50pm and called. They said they could only take us at the last slot, which was 11:40pm. Pssshhhh. They said it was packed. Upon arrival, I am certain they have a different definition for the word. It had the vibes like a rollerblading rink, with some arcade games along the walls. There was a race going, and a few people around. But that’s it.

No negative vibes until they rushed us over and we arrived in the middle of the dude giving instructions. Pause. What about us! He was explaining how to drive the go-kart and safety hazards. He didn’t seem to care we missed the whole thing. Welp.


I watch too many horror movies and this looked like heads when I saw the picture again. Happy Halloween right. The wait until we could actually start driving had me… asleep. but really, low key took a nap in the car. I don’t even know what to call it. A kart? I think my whole idea of go-karting was based off bumper cars when I was younger. Clearly, not the same. The race began and it was SO awkward. Uncomfortable. So hard to get a handle and control the steering wheel. The gas pedal was sensitive but required And the track was not a normal lap. It was curves on curves on curves.

As entertaining as the 15 laps were, or probably 13 laps cause I was slow af, it was not the business. I can’t even pinpoint my thots or feelings. I had fun with my hg, but I’m having a hard time associating ‘fun’ with the activity. I got rammed into so many times, and it hurt. I was probably mad in the way now that I think about it. I got stuck numerous times on the wall and just sat there confused. CONFUSED. That’s how I describe the night.

They didn’t even say anything about the soda. Smh. We had to flag someone down at the end cause they were closing. I don’t drink soda, so my hg with the comeup. Driving my car afterwards was real awkward too. Maynnnneeee. Tonight was weird haha. And hilarious.


At least we got a helmet selfie out of it. Lmao.

TRACK OF THRE DAY: The Game’s The Documentary 2.5 dropped. I listened to some and loved. One track is “Like Father Like Son 2,” which reminded me of how much I love the original.


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