The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. You might have seen it advertised at random billboards around LA. Mobbed with my coworkers. We were excited, and scared. Very scared haha. I’m that girl in scary movies that screams like a lil bitch. Only for jumpy scary. I can take horror and gore to the face. We mobbed around 9pm. FYI they close at 11:30pm on Thursdays. The drive to Griffith Park was low key terrifying. If you haven’t been, it’s a beautiful spot to hike… during the day. But to get to the actual spot, you go up a bunch of curvy roads and hills. Spooky af at night. I was also the only car on the road I swear. Luckily there were signs that reassured us as we got closer.


Walking up, we see a pyramid of pumpkins. Half the squad had to tinkle so of course, pictures. While waiting, we had company. People were dressed up as zombies and had masks, and their main goal was to scare the people. They would come out of nowhere, or just creep up behind you until you noticed. We started taking selfies with them, and I died. Shit was too much. My girl started dancing with one later, they was turnt. It was glorious.

Our ticket got us on the hayride and 5 mazes. Walking up, there was an entrance for VIP and one for regular. Psh. Ain’t nobody got time for that. We make our way into the line for the hayride and had no idea what to expect. When it was our turn, we walk on and fill the bed of the track filled with hay. Fake hay haha. I strategically placed myself in the middle so I wouldn’t get scared on the outskirts lmao. Shhhh. The ride itself was very theatrical. The costumes and props used were pretty sick. Although it isn’t terrifying, it’s definitely a good time with good company. You pretty much are 80% responsible for your own fun. 20% is the show.

Bring cash. They don’t accept card. They also charge $6 for water versus $2 for soda. Smh. Okay well you get a souvenir bottle, but still. I was parched, but not $6 parched. The food menu was horror themed. You could get popcorn called “children in a bucket” or “misery mac and cheese balls.” In the middle of the venue, there were a bunch of tents for psychic readings. Dope right? Until you go up and find out they ask for a $10 donation. Womp womp.

Next up, the maze called House of Shadows. We were not impressed lmao. UNTIL… we hit the maze up front. Holy shit that was nuts. First of all, we were all given masks before we entered. Terrifying. I swear, masks are not the business haha. I picked one up with a red clown nose and started singing Sage the Gemini. Can’t take me anywhere. We enter the maze and were in for a ride. It was legit like a horror movie, with music synchronized to the flashing lights going a million mph in the background. We had one brave soul who was d to lead haha. The rest of us were cowards, holding on to each other for dear life. After hitting multiple dead ends, I finally felt like I was legit in a maze. Like those mazes you do on paper when you’re bored. Wait no, better example. Like a rat in a maze experiment where the cheese is the prize at the end. This was IRL though. Def a good time and def made the whole night worth it.


Til next year LA Haunted Hayride. If you get a chance to go before October ends, please do.

And also, since you guys care, I had one of the most traumatizing days at my internship. It was legit so intense. I cried. Goodness. Life is crazy.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Don’t sleep on Young Dolph. This dude from Memphis knocks. Trap life.


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