Yay. I legit missed the movies. Been so damn busy. It actually took a lotta work to pull this one off, but I made it happen. 10pm showing of Pan at The Grove with my gay bestie. Yas. I had a pretty rough day. An incident happened that shouldn’t have and it made me super sad. I only told one person about it. ūüė¶ Beating myself up over it. Time to numb out at the movies.

The 3D glasses here are so intense. They need to be activated. What happened to the flimsy plastic ones? So that’s why this movie ticket was 18 bucks. *skull face emoji* The trailers were super short this time. It was so weird. 8 minutes compared to 20. Thank goodness I wasn’t too late. On my way to the theater, I noticed everyone holding those glasses. Was Pan the movie to see? It made my feel better haha. After I sat down, I realized I over-buttered the popcorn, and it was leaking through the cardboard box onto my leggings. That made me nauteous.

This movie is supposed to be a remake of Peter Pan, a classic fairytale story. I think I knew it was Disney because there’s a ride in Disneyland… good indicator right. I actually am not sure I ever watched or know the full story of the original Peter Pan. Therefore I had nothing to base it off. The movie begins in an orphanage in London, where 12 year-old Peter resides. He was played by a cute little white boy with amazing blue eyes. Peter somehow finds his way into¬†this other dimension¬†called Neverland. Here he meets his friend Hook, and the adventure begins.

Hugh Jackman¬†did a phenomenal job playing the pirate. He’s the Wolverine in all the X-Men’s. In this film, he was super in character. Wait I guess he always is bomb haha. Definitely can respect him as an actor. The movie was good throughout… until I fell asleep. Um, yeah. Wops. Didn’t even feel it coming this time I swear. It wasn’t for long, but I def woke up like damn where am I haha. The glasses were a nice cover though.

The movie had some really great special effects, super dope in 3D. There is one particular scene that highlights this. If you see the film, you’ll know what I mean. Peter eventually discovers his ‘Pan,’ becoming the hero for Neverland, saving them from the pirate. His main thing is that he can fly. Must be nice. I think I’ma start giving movies ratings. This one I would say… 5. And that’s being nice

Have you guys heard the news surrounding Lamar Odom? He was found unconscious and taken to the hospital. I read somewhere that the Kardashians came to see him with a camera crew. Come the fuck on. I read one article that said it was related to drugs, and one that said it wasn’t. Who is right??? It is possible though, Lamar has suffered with drug addiction in recent years. Prayers to him. This also is a good lesson for all of us. We really need to take good care of ourselves and our health. That is our main priority. Nothing else is more important. Yes, I’m bringing up massages again. Self care is also so important. They really help me de-stress.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This Ty Dolla $ign mixtape though. This song cracks me up. “Gotta put my phone on airplane mode, to dodge these hoes.”


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