THUGGER is my life haha. No but really, I went through a phase when Barter 6 came out and now I’m back on it. His mixtape “Slime Season 2” wasn’t amazing, but it had a couple winners. He reeled me right back in. It’s interesting how an artist can drop a project and it automatically makes you listen to them again. Like, Ty Dolla $ign just dropped the mixtape “Airplane Mode” today. It was like oh shit, I forgot about you. Cool I’ma download this real quick. haha.

My hg from the bay is in town for the week and we were debating yesterday what we could get into today. We actually met at UCLA and discovered we’re from the same area. You know I gotta put a disclaimer if you from the bay. She’s so trill, I love her. After throwing out a couple options, I remembered Young Thug was having a show at Club Nokia. I was totally eyeing that show from Day 1 but didn’t act on it. I texted her reallll quick and it was decided in 2 seconds. We out haha.


Club Nokia one of my fav venues. It’s right across from Staples Center, in the same plaza as LA Live. We bought tickets there to avoid the fees. I’ve never done that haha. I like to just walk in either with my own ticket or on the list. But it totally worked. Driving into downtown, there was a mob of people on the streets decked out in LA Kings gear. Black and silver everywhere. Clearly there was a game tonight. I wonder if they won. We almost rolled down the window to ask. I was texting my homie who was there already trynta find out when Thugger would be on. We arrived right when he got on stage. I actually saw Young Thug here with Travis Scott on his first Rodeo tour. That was absolutely wild. Mostly thanks to Travie. He’s literally the most turnt when he performs.

I was excited. The show was lit, but it definitely wasn’t sold out. Thought it was interesting too because the BET Hip Hop Awards took place tonight in Atlanta, where Thugger is from. He played “730,” my fav track by Rich Gang! Funny story… one time in my car, I pulled over because I thought the police sirens in the song were real. LMAO. So dumb. I wish him and Rich Homie Quan were still bffs. Loved that duo haha. I tried to meet my homie upstairs, but apparently that was VIP. I walked right in and got chased by the security guard. I swear it was always general admission. The view from the balcony upstairs is so bomb. If you ever can get seats there, do it.

Back down to the basics. Then Asap Rocky comes on stage. Who doesn’t love Pretty Flacko? We were stoked. Met my homie by the bar. He told me Thugger’s set at his show Sunday at The Observatory was only 30 minutes. Oh hellll no haha. I’d be so hot. The view from the back wasn’t bad at all. You could see everything. Thug played “Again,” a track I’ve been stuck on tough recently. Gucci Mane is on it. He starts off saying “Free Guwop!” who is still in mf jail haha.


BLASE BLASE, WHIPPIN MASERTI. Excuse my terrible picture taking skills :(. Ty Dolla $ign blessed us with his presence. He had the squad on stage, Jay 305 being one. Ran into my other friend who is the manager of Vell, a rapper from Oakland. He said they was working with Ty earlier that day. Crazy. People don’t realize rappers never start working. It’s not all play. They stay in the studio perfecting their work.


Towards the end, Thugger threw on an LA Kings jersey. Ew no haha. Rep yo city cuh. I wasn’t feeling it at all haha. His DJ had on a jersey from the very beginning. Wonder if he’s from LA or just pleasing the people also haha. Thug played “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times),” the same one I heard last night live, but with Jamie XX lmao. That was nuts. I realized also, a lot of people don’t know that track, mainly because it’s half EDM. It was more dope tonight because I actually love the song for Thugger’s verse.

“Best Friend” is my fav track right meow. Shit knocks. If you’ve been around me, I apologize for being annoying. Can’t stop singing it. I dedicate this track to my best friend back home. But he didn’t pick up my phone call tonight so eff him haha. Jk. Other tracks that hit the spot were “Lifestyle” and “Check.” When it ended, we were sad. That’s honestly how you know a show is dope. When you don’t want it to end.

TRACK OFF THE DAY: I really wanted to post “Best Friend” but I feel like I already have. Better safe than sorry. I love this music video haha. Just making it rain with his money.


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