Okay, so I officially suck at taking pictures. Idk what it is, but I feel like it’s a skill God did not bless me with. Since I couldn’t snap a good shot with Jamie XX and the out of control lights in one, I’ma give it to you separate.


This is my hg’s snap, bc I suck lmao.


And this is Jamie XX. If you don’t know, you’re about to. I got put on by a homie who recommended the track “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Time)” ft. Young Thug. Any collab with Thugger I think I’m d for haha. But with EDM?! Dang, this track is fire. I like to listen to it on Monday’s, reassuring myself it will be okay haha. Jamie just recently released his album In Colour, which a good amount of my friends were raving about. I think that’s what this tour was for.

Confession: I just had the epiphany today that homeboy was a member of The XX, an alternative band from London. It always crossed my mind, but I always just thought it was a coincidence. Smh. Always late to the party haha. But anyways. He’s a solo act now, and killing it. He has a huge following. His first show at The Shrine on Sunday sold out. They added a show Monday. I had to go. My soulmate was super d, so we made it happen. Surprisingly, tonight’s show wasn’t sold out. Tickets were selling for cheaper than retail.

So 18 and up, I knew what I was getting myself into. The Shrine is across the street from USC, so I knew there’d be a bunch of kids running around. Sorry, I’m such a hater. I’m secretly just jealous because I feel old af. The Shrine is definitely a dope venue though, I just can’t seem to remember who I last saw there. Anyways, we found parking on the street. Yas. Always feel like I deserve a trophy when I skip paying for parking. Walking up, the music was blaring. Like shoot, is this really poppin off on a Monday night?

Yes it was. The turn up was real. We had every intention of people watching tonight. Jamie XX has such a diverse crowd. People can be so entertaining. It was definitely a rave up in there. We kept wondering how many people in the auditorium were on drugs. Like damn, do they have shit to do tomorrow?? All love though. Good vibes. Music is a beautiful thing. I actually saw a couple people standing alone. That’s so dope to me. They’re literally there for the artist.

He played for about an hour and a half. I had a handful of friends go the previous night, so I had them lace me with the set times. We missed DJ Harvey who opened, but heard he was dope as well. Jamie killed his set. I felt like it was a variety of sounds too. I always get stuck on distinguishing the different genres of EDM. My hg just calls it all “noise.” lmao. Kinda true though. I will say I was totally blinded by the bright strobe lights. They were on crack. It was like their goal was to make us feel like we were on drugs. We eventually notice the huge disco ball behind Jamie on stage, which reflected off the lights in a million directions. We were fascinated by this for a hot 30 seconds. But really, I seriously wanted my sunglasses in that moment.

PS, have you thought, how weird it is for rappers or anyone to wear stunnas in a club? Not only clubs, but indoors in general. Like, it’s hella dark bruh haha. I can barely see with my 20/20 vision. Anyways. Jamie played the track with Thugger and I lost my shit. Had to see that live real quick. He closed out with his best track “Loud Places.” That song goes in.


Overall amazing night. It had been one hell of a day. Thanks for curing us Jamie.



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