Funny or Die presents… ODDBALL FESTIVAL 2015. I got these tickets madddd early, when they first came out. I was on an Aziz Ansari hype because I just copped his Modern Romance book and went to see him on tour promoting it. This book is about modern life dating, and extremely true. Sadly, things like Tinder exist. I just think it’s so shallow :(. I’ve actually heard many success stories, so I need to stop hating. The show was at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, formerly known as Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. I always wonder the drama that goes behind changing the name of a huge venue. Like something must have went down right?

We looked up set times before (set times are life), and Amy Schumer wasn’t on until 9:25pm. Okay, so we don’t have to go until then. So terrible haha. I should be supporting the opening acts. But it was hot… even at 5pm when it started. Anyways, it was cute bc we actually went to see Trainwreck with Amy when my bros visited me in LA. We headed over around 8pm and I totally hustled the parking guy to let us park closer. We ended up slipping him 3 bucks bc he totally hooked us up with a spot that didn’t exist. I will say, I’m pretty always d to hustle. I have a 50% success rate, which isn’t terrible.

I remember this venue having a shit ton of hills, so I was prepared in my running shoes lmao. Walking into the main area, it was set up super cute. It was actually set up like a legit festival, with alcohol, food, and some recreational games. Fair vibes for sure. We had a lot of time to kill, so we walked around. They eventually decided to get food and head to our seats. Props to me for copping seats at the end of the row. No props to me for copping seats in the farthest section from the entrance. Seriously, walked for days. The walkway was directly underneath the lawn, which I’m so glad I was not a part of. I’ve been there, and it is a hot ass mess. People were literally posted on the grass. It looked bearable this time though. I was there for a rap show last time, and it was a straight riot.


We caught the two acts before Amy, who were actually pretty funny. Sebastian Maniscalco (def had to google) and John Mulaney. I LOVE COMEDY and standup. Humor gets me through life. I think I’ve mentioned before it’s my only criteria to be my friend. Thank goodness this set list was posted outside. My pet peeve is not knowing who’s on stage. I also like looking them up later, cause I’m curious.

Okay, Amy Schumer absolutely killed her set. From beginning to end, she was HILARIOUS. Or should I say ‘is.’ Lit (legit) everything that came out of her mouth had me dead. She is fucking hilarious. Like to the point where I’d call her a genius. She just is so real, and keeps it that way. Sometimes, her jokes can be a bit explicit. She is very in touch with her… how do I say the word without actually saying the word. P word, synonymous with vagina. She knows it too, calling herself out at one point. She totally embraces the media labeling her as a “sex comic.” It honestly works for her. Long story short, we love her. The OC’s reaction when she graced the stage was heartwarming.

I hate to say it, but her set was so good, Aziz Ansari had nothing on her. Yes, he is hilarious. But going after Amy was a mistake. I think the whole crowd was with me on that one. People were all heading out at this point. The boys had to pee so we decided to head that direction. We had already decided we were leaving a little early, because we knew traffic getting out of that venue was no joke. Even leaving when we did, we were stuck in bumper to bumper. I impatiently yelled at my bro for letting someone cut. Chill Shirls, it’ll be okay. I drove my bro’s friend back to LA and it was super quick. I love it when there’s no traffic on the freeways. Literally 0 to 100 compared to rush hour.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I love Irvine, mostly bc my brother lives there. He went to UCI and stayed. Irvine is SO ridiculously nice and clean compared to Los Angeles. It’s so chill, spread out, and just overall nice. It’s always a treat when I can visit. That is why I copped the tickets super early. Had to lock down an excuse to go. I always get spoiled- shoutout to my brother. WAIT, this time I paid for the foot massages though haha. Wait a minute…


Bro bro just moved into a new complex with a pool. GLORIOUS. I was actually freaking out cause I was so busy this summer I didn’t get to tan or lay out. The fact that it is still 100 degrees in October is beyond me. PS I forgot how much I hated tanning haha. Way too much ADD to sit there in the blaring sun. But I put on my favorite hip hop playlist and it was over. I was vibing hard. A lot of old school Drake and underground artists. After a little over and hour, I hit LA Fitness. OMG. So. Nice. I cannot haha. It legit made me wanna workout. It also made me really sad about the gym I hit on La Cienega. Actually, I really don’t go often enough to say that.

Tomorrow is gonna be rough. I need to be on.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Feel like going ratchet on y’ll. Ca$h Out. Disregard the video. Just listen to the track haha.


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