Educational lesson. WeDidIt is RL Grime and Shlohmo’s record label. Aka trap/edm heaven. Shoutout to my hg who sent me the link to this exclusive party last week. We had to RSVP and they literally emailed us the location the night before. It was at a random spot in downtown LA. SO STANDARD haha. But that’s totally my scene. Underground events are where it’s at. Eff bars, everyone is so thirsty. I love music related events bc you know everyone there has a common denominator: love for music. It’s more permissible to be thirsty at these I guess lmao.

It was their “Summers Truly Over” party. I swear we drove into the middle of nowhere. But we eventually pulled up and saw a bunch of people outside. Whew, The event is real lmao. There were hella heads smoking and crowded around a food truck, which was poppin. Strategic and clutch of them. LITERALLY the bass and music was soooo loud from the outside. YASSSS. My heaven fr haha.

They were so uptight about RSVP, but the bouncer didn’t even check a list. I wish I woulda known, woulda invited way more heads out. I had a plus one and brought my homegirl. She’s a sweetheart and I missed her ❤ We actually have plans for a movie screening tomorrow so I warned her no bailing lmao. I hate flakes. Like at least if you’re gonna, give a sista a warning in advance yeah? I try to never bail. Conscious effort.


Okay whoa tangent. We walk into a room of purple smokey fog and super heavy bass. Yasssss. This sign/cross low key scared me tho haha. I kept trying to find out the DJ’s name cause he was super dope, but nobody knew haha. This event had an open bar, which is how I semi-bribed my girl lmao. We head there for her obvi. Yo, they were mad generous with their alcohol tho haha. None of those weak ass drinks you get at the club when you’re at someone’s table. Watching the dude fill up half the glass with vodka was alarming.

I then run into someone I knew, who informed me RL Grime just walked by him as he was coming in. OUTSIDE I GO. It’s hard sometimes bc I know I can be such a fan. But I’m okay with it. It’s a genuine love for the artist and his craft. RL Grime changed my life at Hard one time. I swear. Tears.

IMG_3822 (1)

HE WAS SO NICE!!! Omg I’m in love. It’s such a game charger when an artist is dope IRL too. Music is one thing, personality is another. I don’t get celebrity struck anymore. After meeting countless artists who made me question my love for their music, you realize their just human like the rest of us. But RL Grime is bae. I love him haha.

TRACK OF THE DAY: One of the trap DJs remixed this track. Apparently it’s hella old. Ty Shazam.


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