Sicario got the same ratings as The Martian, so leggo. Um, yeah. About the whole movies after midnight thing… The Grove we meet again. The Grove we sleep again. When the movie ended, we were both like, wtf just happened haha. I’m actually not sure me falling asleep had a huge role in this mystery. It was actually a super dope movie, don’t get me wrong. It was definitely super suspenseful and interesting and… “haunting,” as my gay bestie said. Emily Blunt kills it though. Boss ass bitch.


She plays an FBI agent, who just got assigned on this crazy mission. She is recruited by the other main character, Josh Brolin. The mission involves going back and forth between the US and Mexico, dealing with Mexican cartels. My homie from the bay described the movie for me in plain and simple terms: the good guys don’t win, and Emily sure as hell didn’t either. Apparently, Josh hinted at this in the beginning of the movie. There was no endgame. It was all just to make the cartel nervous. Interesting. Btw, cartels are drug dealers. I think.

Before the movie, I met up with my homeboy who asked me earlier to come support one of his homegirls’ shows. At first, I was very hesitant, bc it was 10 dollars. #cheaplife… But I hadn’t seen him in a while, and I always love to support artists and their music. Her name is Jasmine Jordan and he described her as soul/r&b singer. So this venue… called Amplyfi. It’s in Weho, and not visible to the streets. Don’t you hate that? It’s like can we get a damn warning? 5 illegal U-turns later, I find out it’s in the alley behind Astroburger.

Pull up, and hella people are outside. Why? Bc they were at capacity. Yo, good for them. After some time, we finally found our way inside. The venue is TINY. It honestly felt like I was inside someone’s garage. It was also stuffy. The venue is described as “a place for fans.” It definitely gave out those exact vibes. Everyone was there to support. Jasmine was on last and played with a band. She has SUCH an amazing voice. Remember, my only wish in life was to be able to sing. She is truly talented. Also, covering “Hotline Bling” by Drake can never steer you wrong.


Got to chop it up with her after the show. I told her she reminded me of Kehlani, aka bae. Jasmine’s tour is called Smile Tour, and she has a similar movement to Kehlani’s. Smile is the theme, and it promotes love and positivity. Something we can all appreciate. Kehlani calls hers the tsunami mob. Jasmine is so sweet, and you can just tell overall a very humble gifted individual. Before I talked with her, she got a picture with her dad, who came out to support. It was really cute.

PAUSE. Ran into a friend from high school. He ended up being roommates with a guy I had just met when I got there. Small world! They all went to University of Pacific in Stockton. My friend said half the band on stage was probably crashing at his place that night. Anyways, high school was such a damn blur. I go, “we were good friends right?” My memory is so beyond shot.

TRACK OF THE DAY: THE GAME’S DOCUMENTARY 2 leaked! We’ve been waiting. Naturally, the first track I click on is the one with Future. Ha.


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