The Martian.

*alien face emoji* Wait why don’t computers have emojis? I need that to happen stat. The Martian was really good… so good I fell asleep haha. But really, I gotta stop going to movies after midnight. Setting myself up for failure. I was so good, and then I wasn’t. Homeboy next to me was out for a little, and seeing him with his eyes closed was apparently contagious. I was legit head bobbing for a good 45 minutes. Unfortunate because it was honestly a really great film, with amazing visuals. It made you feel like you were in space with them. 3D would def have been dope.

So basically Matt Damon is left to die in space after a mission. His crew leaves him after a storm hits. But come to find out, HE’S ALIVE. You can guess how the rest of the story goes. The movie was so amazingly shot, every scene was so beautiful. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wins Best Picture. It definitely was accurate in its 98% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s hard to find anything faulty about the film. Something I really enjoyed was how educational it was. They were very specific in detailing things related to science and space. One can never stop learning.


Matt Damon was phenomenal. I swear my fondest memory of him comes from Pearl Harbor. Omg Kristen Wiig from Bridesmaids was in it too, playing a serious role. That def took a little getting used to. She looked good though. The film was pretty suspenseful throughout, but it could have been a little shorter. Movies should not exceed 2 hours! From a selfish standpoint.  The ending def woke me up. PS the film is based on a novel.

So I had a pretty rough night. I got in my head and went to a pretty dark place. These waves come and go but I had been doing a lot better, so I wasn’t expecting it. Yes, I struggle with depression and anxiety and have accepted it will always be a part of me. The therapy and medications only ease the pain. If I had one wish, it would be to find a cure somehow, some way… for everyone. I absolutely hate playing the victim, but this shit is no joke. I legit was so low and confused, a feeling way too familiar. My thoughts go where they shouldn’t. In times like this, I just need to remember to not act on it. I texted my best back home, but I think she was asleep. My brother is in Australia… and yeah. It just feels like I’m waiting for something that isn’t coming. Sigh.

TRACK OF THE DAY: From my most beloved underground hip hop playlist. “Good people, good loving, good music in my life- it makes me happy.”


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