10:35pm showing of Hotel Transylvania 2 at AMC Century City 15 means NO ONE IN THE THEATER lmao. I prefer it that way though. That means we get to talk :). You know I like to chat. Getting shushed in movies is a stab to the heart haha. But yeah, we were feeling it. I love cartoons. Child at heart.

Went with the soulmate. We hadn’t even heard of the first one lmao. Adam Sandler does the voice in this, and it’s pretty intense. He was super in character the whole movie playing Dracula, and it sounded like he had to really strain his voice or go above and beyond. I asked how much actors/actresses made just doing voices, and my hg said they make more. Not confirmed though.

The story goes, Dracula opened up his hotel to humans, which seems to be going well. However, after his grandson is born, he is scared this little boy will not be turning into a vampire. Technically, he should be half human, half vampire. He decides to put this adorable little orange haired boy through training to somehow get his vampire side to surface. It was super cute. There’s so much detail put in kids’ movies that are so easy to miss. They’re so intentional though it’s amazing. Like amazing haha. There was this moment in the movie when Dracula is brushing his teeth, but there were two bristles on the toothbrush, separated by the exact length of his two fangs so he could brush them up and down. It was cute.

First of the month tomorrow. Eek. Where is time going.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Bryson Tiller is hot rn. New wave of R&B. His Trapsoul album is getting a lot of love.


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