I have such a bad headache rn. I have no idea why. I got it ever since I woke up from my nap at 8pm. But I had to get over it. Alina Baraz was on the agenda tn, and I was not gonna miss her. We had gotten tickets wayyyy long ago, for $15 dollars. Thank goodness bc the demand for this sold out show was unreal. Everyone was posting on Craigslist for tickets, but no one was even selling. Like not even for money, legit no tickets were available. It didn’t surprise me at all though. This girl is fire. Shoutout to my homie from the bay who put me on her. He told me to dl a track, and I instantly fell in love.

Her music to me is beautiful, she has the voice of an angel. She reminds me of Lana Del Rey, but not haha. Some people describe her music as R&B mixed with electronic music. She works with a producer named Galimatias, who she referred to as “Gali” during the show. Funny bc I would always avoid saying his name out loud. The Echo in Los Angeles is one of the most intimidate venues in Los Angeles. It’s right on Sunset Blvd in the Silverlake/Hollywood/Echo Park area. Sold out in such a small space means get to know the stranger next to you.


She played all her… 7 songs lmao. But really, it was short, and mainly bc she doesn’t have enough content to play longer. Drift, Make You Feel, Maybe, Pretty Thoughts, and my favorite: Fantasy. Something I noticed tonight: people are haters. Ha. Let me explain. I totally agree when someone says, “enjoy the show, get off your phone.” I get it. But no need to bash other people. To each his own. Some people in the crowd started talking shit to the people in front, who were recording Alina on their phones. Yes, it is preferable to live in the moment, and not be on your phone in the moment. But, hey, if they wanna record, let them. Who cares. I did notice the crowd was not as much on their phones as most shows I’ve been to. Does this say something about the type of audience she draws? Hippie slash indie slash… you know. But yeah. V interesting.


Met up with some babes I haven’t seen in so long. They’re beautiful inside and out. Love how music brings people together. I remember my friend tweeted something so true: being at a show means you already have something in common with everyone else in the room. Shirt from LF outlet of course.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Tell me this track doesn’t hit the spot though…


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