Kanye West at the Hollywood Bowl, second show. When news was released that Ye would be playing his 808s & Heartbreak album in its entirety, I was stoked. This is my favorite album of his, which no one may agree with. It really hits a soft spot for me, back when I was at UCSB for my undergrad. It helped me through a really rough time, and every song has meaning for me. The amazing production/beats, chill ass vibes, and feelings/emotions did it for me.

Guys. I’m not even kidding. I’ve never seen the Hollywood Bowl more sold out. It was PACKED. I heard nosebleeds were going for $200 too wtf. HOW KANYE HOW. He legit only had tickets on sale for a Friday show. That shit sold out and he added a show the day after. And then that show sold out. I knew a handful of people who drove down the bay too, just to hit the show. It blew my mind. This goes back to the pedestal Kanye is on- not even that people put him on, he is actually on. Homeboy is so talented, powerful, and successful. Shoot- he can be as cocky as he wants to be. Guys I’ve seen him over 10x, and I respect the shit out of him.

He started around 9:30pm, as expected. His set was only 1 hour, as expected, but not wanted. His set was legit so short, and for the amount of money people paid, I felt a little jipped. He legit just played the album from beginning to end. Man, it was so beautiful though. Straight up hit the spot. Nothing beats live music guys. If you haven’t seen your favorite artist live, come talk to me when you do lmao.

“Street Lights” is my fav track on the project. Was vibing hard. There were fireworks all throughout the show too. It was a beautiful sight to see. Cudi came out in the beginning, for “Welcome To Heatbreak.” Other tracks that stood out were “Paranoid” and “See You In My Nightmares.” I was a little upset because he brought out Jeezy the night before, but not tn. The overall production of the show was staged and almost theatrical. It reminded me of a pop singer’s concert. There was a stage set up and he had his Yeezus mob behind him, just like his New York Fashion Week show. He was actually lightweight criticized for that one. His show reminded me of a cult or a military theme.


Mobbed with my soulmate and her broskee. She treated him as a present for his birthday. Which lead me to ask… Do people like material things or things like this as gifts more? I guess it depends on preference. Hanging out with them, again, made me really miss my brother. He’s actually in Australia rn with the rentals. He texted me saying it was seriously just like America, and he was ready to come home lmao. It was my girl’s first time seeing Kanye, and she was stoked. It was cute.


Got back early enough to stop by my bb’s birthday at Palihouse in Weho. She’s the sweetest human from New York. I’ve always missed events there, so it was dope to be at a new venue. Weho vibes for sure- cute and a little bougie. My girl rented out a room, which we headed up to once the downstairs bar/restaurant closed. It was so cute, spacious, and luxurious. It was as if you were at home. Brick walls and cute decorations. It even had a laundry machine! Clutch.

Back at it tomorrow. Sigh. Honestly just want a day off so I can go to church.



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