Good vibes, good people, and good music. All you need in life. But actually. All the components you need for a good night. I’ve heard of Chief Wakil, and have some tracks in my iTunes. I think HipHopDX posted him too. My hg actually knows his manager, and invited me out. Shout out to her. Beverly Hills? Yes please. That wasn’t meant to be bougie. I just like venues. It was at Spaghettini/the Dave Koz lounge. If you do dine, and check in on Yelp, you get a free Creme Brulee. Halla.

The restaurant was definitely Bev Hills feels. They had a stage in the back, def a dope little spot for artists to showcase their work. We were able to kick it in the back before Wakil went on, in a room with a glorious chandelier. We chopped it up with a lot of his homies there to support as well. He went on around 11pm with a live band. Super dope. Live instruments earn automatic respect. His first song, I believe, was called “Good Days.” He was singing into the mic, to my surprise. I thought he rapped. Then I realized, a lot of artists have been crossing genres. His music to me, is real. Chill ass vibe. He played around 5 or 6 songs, but it was dope. The last song was “Million Trillion,” and he had people getting turnt. He finished right in time when the restaurant closed shop at 11:30pm.


We hung out for a bit. Everyone started eating these breadsticks cause they were starving lmao. Like they looked so unappetizing, it had me laughing. Wakil actually has a wife, who I got to meet. They are adorable. You can just tell it was genuine. Wakil is from Kansas City, Missouri, which he reps in his music. When we chopped it up, he was telling me about how much Kansas City fucks with the bay. That made me so happy. I later asked how the couple met, and she said a party in LA. That gives me hope…but not much. lmao.

It was the first day of fall today. But it was hot af. LA living.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Dope collab with The Script. Spitting that real real.


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