So the fact that this playdate actually happened is crazier than you think. Me and my hg got these bad boys off Groupon hella days ago, which I am addicted to. I actually had to slow my roll, because shit was starting to expire before I could get to it. Smh. But really, we scheduled our appointment back in June, and literally kept pushing it back until now. PS where the fuck did September go?

We signed up for the Flight Gravity 1 class at Rockreation in West LA. This place is cute. It’s hidden in a huge office building, so you can easily miss it. I was running late per usual, and had to frantically sign the waiver so I could participate. After that, I was asked my shoe size, to my surprise. Didn’t know you needed shoes to rock climb! This was some bowling ish. The shoes were not the business though. They were stiff and hard af. I legit got foot cramps all throughout the night, and was scared I would get one when I was climbing…which I did.

The class was for beginners fasho. It was all about how to belay another person, and how to use the ropes. My ADD was NOT having it lmao. My hg had to reel me in a couple times. Shoutout to her <3. I love her because she is so good at life haha. She’s always encouraging me to try things out of my comfort zone and work at it until I get it. It’s not that I give up easily, I just sometimes, often times, need a push. The tying of ropes and looping and the whole process with your hands was hard at first, but once you caught on, it was cool.

I remember rock climbing when I was younger, and being sore af for a week. I wanted that. Being sore is top 5 feelings in the world for me haha. The deal with this class, is once you learn how to belay, you take a test next time you come in and you can climb on your own (well, with a partner). You can come back for a week to climb after the class. Pretty sick, but not with my schedule. There’s a gym there too, and they hold yoga and hip hop classes on certain days of the week. A membership looked pricey, but if I was a rock climber, that would definitely be my second home.


The class was 2 hours long. After that, you’re free to climb. Although, most people dipped. This “boulder” part of the gym was mind boggling to me. And scary. No harness! You could die and splatter on the floor. Just kidding. There’s some padding, but it’s still hard af. We monkey-ed around for a bit. I just really hated the angleĀ the wall went as you went up. How are you supposed to maneuver your way up?! You’re literally dangling from the rocks with your fingers. Oh yeah, putting chalk on your fingers helps guys. It also made me feel more legit haha.


My pathetic self getting no where high lmao. My girl was killing it doe. We’re definitely gonna try to come back and belay each other. I wanna climb with no fear. It was also getting so high up you couldn’t jump off. I hate that impact on your feet when you jump from high. I know, I’m so specific sometimes haha. There were a bunch of walls and a lot of experts. I forgot- rock climbing is a professional sport right? Respect. They are some strong ass mofos.

While we’re on the topic of fitness, I really can’t decide if I want to sign up for the LA marathon. My hg/old roomie just registered, respect to her! And I love her. I should. I’ve done 2 half marathons (The Hollywood Half), which were pure torture. Idk, I just thought they were miserable. I legit had anxiety months before the race. I can’t imagine a full rn, but it’s on my bucket list. If you know me, you know that means I’m doing it. This will probably be the biggest challenge I will face physically in my life. HALP.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I love “Liquor” by C Breezy. This music video is amazing because the first few seconds show Golden Gopher, a dive bar in Downtown LA. It’s funny because my brother was there for the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, and him and his crew were all streaming it from their phones lmao. Can you imagine? My hg also tried to have her birthday turnup there, and failed miserably. She ended up getting kicked out of Honeycut. I can’t.


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