Sleeping With Other People.

What day of the week is it? Monday? Shit, no. It’s Sunday night. Sure feels like a Monday night. Me and my hg decided to catch “Sleeping with Other People” at AMC 15 Century City. You know I got them late night blues. The title itself has chick flick written all over it. Exactly what I needed. Long day. We went through a lot of indecisiveness in committing. A lot of “Im d if you are” lines back and forth.


I’m so annoying, esp when I’m alone. My girl was running late. This leaves me sparking convos with strangers. I asked the ticket lady about the movie and she said she loved it. She said it was an updated version of the movie “When Harry Met Sally”? The title sounds familiar. This might have been during the time I was growing up under a rock and listening to Eminem though. She said it basically shows why a man and woman can’t be friends and have sex at the same time. Shoot, we been knowing that one.

The film stars Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie, who both do an excellent job in their roles. First of all, Jason looks extremely like Dane Cook. Like fr, I had to double check on my Flixster app that it wasn’t him. The rom-com begins, showing an old scene of the two losing their virginity to each other. 12 years later, they run into each other… at a 12 step meeting… for sex addicts. Yes, those exist. In fact, there’s almost meetings for every addiction now.

Working in recovery, this struck a chord with me. They note how the meeting actually made them horny. This is one of my biggest worries. That meetings, or rehab, or treatment, any of the above, might actually trigger the individual versus help them want them to get better. How can a concept with such good intentions backfire this hard? to do exactly the opposite. Ugh.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program. The two decide to not sleep with each other, no matter how bad the sexual tension got. They actually created a code word, whenever things get a little too heated. Cute. The movie goes on as Alison, who plays Lainey, is hung up on a man, Matthew, who iss married. They see each other through Lainey pretending to be Matthew’s patient. Oh Matthew’s a gynecologist. Reality set in on how possible this is IRL. This reminds me of the recent reveal of the online dating site for married people who want to cheat. SMH. Losing hope by the second.

Most of you probably won’t watch this film, but it was entertaining, to say the least. Good insight on the man and woman’s perspective on promiscuity and how to handle situations of the sort. Things got very sexual at moments. There was a whole scene dedicated on teaching Lainey how to finger herself. They also highlight how a female usually does not orgasm during sex. #interesting.

I’m glad we went. I think I would always choose to do something than be at home. Not too sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Relating this to my own life, I would say most of my friends are guys. Well, that’s a lie. Maybe just a good amount. I just would so much rather be friends or homies than the latter. That and I just don’t see them in that way. Sigh.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Drake and Future’s “What A Time To Be Alive” dropped today. I literally sped home to go on a run and listen to it. Shoutout to the best fran for the link. This is my fav track so far. “Me and my friends, we got money to spend.” *diamond emoji* Song ain’t up on Youtube yet. Here’s a link though.


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