CHRIS BROWN is my number one, after YG of course. Me and my main bought these tickets way back in June, we checked. I thought it might sell out, but I realized, CB got mad haters. This was his One Hell Of A Nite tour with Kid Ink, Fetty Wap, and Teyana Taylor. Shoutout to LA traffic, we missed Fetty and Teyana. Ah, Fetty’s dope live too. #1738. It was at the Honda Center in Anaheim, where the Ducks play. Chill venue, big like the rest of them. Last time I saw Chris he was at the Forum in LA. That was the night he blocked me on IG. Still hurting.


THE COMEUP. If you know me, you know I turn ninja sometimes. We snuck down to the bombest seats in the stadium. Literally equivalent to the first rows on the floor. I swear. We were living life at that point haha. We caught the end of Omarion’s set. “Post Ta Be” is still one of my favorite tracks. We were praying for Jhene Aiko to grace us with her presence. Wishful thinking.

Kid Ink was next. He had a Hollywood sign up on stage. He turns the fuck up. I really love his music. Fav tracks include: “Hotel,” “Like A Hott Boy,” and “Main Chick.” I also love fashion guys, and always gotta critique what these artists wear. Or what their stylists put them in. Kid Ink was clean, in a snapback, varsity jacket, and what I THOUGHT were sweatpants that were baggy in the crotch. Upon further observation, I have concluded it was a onesie/jumper. Just FYI. High fashion is extremely subjective now, I feel.

Chris Brown, the man of the hour. I always get way too excited. He kicked things off with “Yo” and “Strip”- which are my favorites. He went on to play all his throwbacks. My hg said he played hits from each album. Shoutout to her for noticing that. “Deuces” was a winner also. Chris changed several times. His first fit was a Bape shirt, paired with some snug light denim jeans. Oooo weeeee.

Second fit was a camo bucket hat with a long oversized coat with a swag collar. He had on gold high tops, not sure what brand. He threw the coat off real quick though. You know he had to dance for us. “Take You Down” and “Liquor” hit the spot. At one point, little firecrackers were going off mid air above him. It was cute.

During his “EDM” track with Deorro, “Five More Hours,” all the dancers were on those hoverboards/segways. My hg actually texted me today asking what those were called. There are so many different companies out there that make them, each calling it their own. The ones I played with and shot a promo for were Flyyboards. They are gonna release a Versace one. Waiting on that!

The show then went from 50 to 100. Chris brought out EVERYBODY. French Montana was first. I fuck with Frenchie tough. Coke boys baby. He played “Ocho Cinco” and “Off Tha Rip,” both my favs. As if that wasn’t enough, out comes MIGOS. AHHHHH. They all have a single together called “Moses.” But the best part was Chris let all his guest appearances have their own time, to perform their ish. Not just collabs. “Fight Night” and “Handsome And Wealthy” are guaranteed to turn any function up. Chris then brings out Rich Homie Quan who drops “Flex.” Chris is “ooh ooh-ing” in the background. Yaaaaas. Shoutout to my hg correcting me on “yaaaas” versus my “yassss.” Lmao.

The last surprise was Tyga, who I knew would show up. That’s his brotha. “Ayo” and “Loyal,” everything. I’m sorry if I say this too much, but that was the dopest show. Was not expecting all that.

Chris is supposed to go to Playhouse tn for an appearance. In fact, he prob just popped out. Club appearances are seriously the worst. They pop out for a song or two when the club about to close. Over it. My question is… does Chris shower in between? Nap? He’s gotta be tired. Respect. To the haters: Chris works his ass off, and he is mad talented. Let the man live.


The drive back was way more chill. Shoutout to my hg for driving! I always drive- cause I don’t drink. Felt soooo nice to get a break. Also these shorts were from the LF outlet on Melrose. They were 8 bucks, orginally almost a hunnid. IRL.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This music video makes my world.


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