Was gonna post a photo of the film from Google, but I realized I wanna make these posts more personal. So instead, I’ma hit you with my Snapchat of the night haha.


Movies past midnight are a dangerous thing. But you know, YOLO. The first Maze Runner, I REMEMBER really enjoying. Tell me why I couldn’t recall a single thing. *skull emoji* My short term memory loss is becoming a serious concern of mine. Oh well. All I remember is liking the movie more than Hunger Games. That says a lot.

The Grove in Los Angeles is my happy place. Shoutout to my gay bestie for waiting to go to the later showing with me <3. Latest* Here we go, Maze Runner: Scorch Trials. Dylan O’Brien is the star of the show again, and he does a pretty good job. This movie was honestly all action this time. I was expecting more plot for sure. And there were zombies…. I actually got scared a couple times. Like I screamed. Oh, and the Asian actor. I’m not into Asians at all, but this Korean dude looks good on the big screen.

The movie was a little long. I dozed off a couple times, but I reeled myself back in. If you’re just looking for some entertainment, I’d say go for it. There was one part where they run into new faces and the guy goes, “I have 3 questions: where are you going, where are you from, and how can I profit?” On a deeper level, I thought this was pretty reflective of real life. We’re just trying to advance in life… right? In one way or another. And we all want to know where are roots lie. If you from the bay, automatic trill-ness. Just saying.

I have to be up in 3 hours and prob won’t sleep for another 1 hour. Sigh. Naps are so love/hate.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I feel like new music is lacking lately. Listened to the Young Thug mixtape “Slim Season” tonight. Meh. Production is dope. London On Da Track. But meh. This is my fav track on it. GUCCI.


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