I’m not even gonna lie. I thought baseball was boring af. But this game was actually super fun. I mobbed with all my old co-workers from Chin Chin in Beverly Hills. Miss those server days. Thinking about going back actually. These bills mayne :|.

My brother just texted me to “make more money please,” because I was refusing to take Lyft over Uber pool. It was so much more! Even if money wasn’t a thang, I’m frugal okay. SO HERE’S MY UBER POOL RANT. My roomie had to call me an Uber for the game because I was blocked. My last Uber pool I cancelled, they charged me. And I was hot. So I went all bitch mode on them. And of course, in my greatest time of need, they blocked me. You win Uber haha.

It was such a mish to get to the game. Fuck LA traffic fr. Man. Haha. Anyways. I haven’t been to a Dodgers game in so long. Last time I went here I lost my car for 2 hours… so I was scarred. Our tickets were cheap so definitely had to climb some stairs up to Reserve. They need to get escalators like Hollywood Bowl. Jk, we need the exercise.


The field is so beautiful! So clean, so smooth haha. But wait, the stadium was super empty. Where all the Dodger fans at?? I thought LA put on for their team. AND THEN, it started raining. We were trynta play it cool until it got a little unbearable. When it really started coming down, everyone was evacuating. It was comedy.

So the game was a great time. I really enjoyed it. Singing “take me out to the ballgame” and doing the wave was everything. Just good vibes and great energy. Felt like a traitor cause all my friends back home are die hard Giants fans. Whatever- basketball’s all that matters anyways.

So the water fountain at the stadium is really gross. Straight up toilet water. I had a momentary panic attack in my head. The game went into overtime. And then… kept going. In fact, it’s almost 1am and when I checked 15 min ago they were top of the 15th. So glad we left when we did.

I’m emotional again ps. I feel like my priorities in life are fucked. Hope to get my head on straight soon.


PS, I’m absolutely obsessed with these life size bobbleheads.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Keep it one hunnid always. K Camp is a real one from ATL. Fetty’s just hot rn.


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