LA County Fair

LA COUNTY FAIR! Everything and anything I ever wanted in life. I literally begged for this glorious Sunday off so I could go. I missed the OC Fair and was sad about it. True life: I have FOMO.


I went with my soulmate and her homeboy (hb). He had never been to the fair. WHAT?! Who hasn’t been to the fair! I feel like it’s such an essential in life. It’s basically a big playground for everyone of all ages, created for the sole purpose of providing a good time. Anyways, we were excited to pop his fair cherry. It was all the way in Pomona at the Fairplex. Flashback to Hard Summer. We went at the perfect time, because it was still hot af at 5pm.

We were smiling ear to ear, even entering the parking lot. We were so happy to be there. The fair is honestly so fun, and the energy is so positive. I am also very easily amused.

Alright, so I’m a huge adrenaline junkie and will go on any roller coaster/ride any day. But this first ride we went on was ridiculous. First of all, hg wanted to get beer before. Had to stop her reaaaal quick. It was one of those rides that went all over the place, like a hand rotating in all directions. But that moment you’re hanging out of your chair, upside down, and you imagine the security bar giving out and falling to your death. Yeah, that happened multiple times. I remember looking over and my hg was literally in tears like I was. At least I wasn’t alone. I was honestly good off that. I couldn’t believe such crazy rides existed. Especially at such a family friendly affair. Baffling.

Between losing at every game we attempted, I noticed the all the crazy food options available. Things that should not exist, such as a fried avocado, fried Kool-aid, fried Oreos, a triple cheeseburger in between 2 Krispy Kreme donuts, etc. Oh, I walked by a sign for bacon cotton candy. WHY. I’m not knocking it off, it’s actually super entertaining to see what they come up with. I’m sure there’s a team behind the scenes who sits and brainstorms, “what tastes good fried?” Oh yeah, everything. Minus the crazies, it had all the regular fair/theme park food: turkey legs, funnel cakes, popcorn, ice cream, pizza, and plenty of alcohol.

After our death ride, we decided to hop on, what I call, the ski lift, which took us to the other side of the fair. Honestly, probably my favorite moment. It was super dope to be on top of everything and have whole Fairplex beneath us. We enjoyed it so much, we asked to stay on. They said no.

OMG. Animals!! Goats!! What I was most excited for. I literally couldn’t wait to pet a goat. We first walked by the horses, which were HUGE. They were trapped inside bars, which made me a little sad. They were honestly really big though. Along the way, there were so many booths: henna, face paint, merchandise, music shows, etc. We stopped at this magician’s show, where everyone was seated on haystacks. I was so about it, but there was no room :(. I just wanted to feel legit, sitting on a haystack at a fair. You know?

There was a booth where you could ride a camel. This randomly made my hg feel some typa way. Animal cruelty. Like damn, she randomly got a soft spot for camels though. Haha. We got to the farm where there were chickens, goats, sheep, etc. This lead to a google search on the difference between a goat and a sheep. The more you know… We then stopped by a circus show where they have balls and pins for you to juggle. I know what I am and am not capable of, so I sat this one out. Watching the homies attempt to juggle was pure comedy. My abs hurt. This also happened when homeboy decided to ride the bull. I’m convinced it was designed to make the person look like they’re humping the air.

Overall, such a great day. It’s gonna hold me over for the week. If you live in SoCal, I definitely recommend you hit this before it ends on the September 27. You won’t regret it.


PS, Look at my adorable leopard bear!!! Can someone name it please? Side note, why didn’t anyone tell me it was free fair day for USC students?! The one day I go too. I swear, it feels like I don’t even go there.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Heard this on my way back and reminded me how much I loved this track. Except sorry Drizzy, I don’t drink :(.


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