I heard about The Internet through working with HipHopDX. Someone told me about Syd tha Kyd, and I immediately fell in love with her voice. Well, and her. You know when an artist is just super dope? Like personality and everything. The Internet consists of her and another member named Matt Martians. Both of them were members of Odd Future. I tried to confirm if they still were but… sensitive subject. Not sure if Odd Future as a whole is thriving much anymore.

I would describe their music as soulful, feel good music. The best part is they’re part of a band, that plays ACTUAL INSTRUMENTS. Music these days have taken a left turn. The Internet is a breath of fresh air. Actual instruments played by real people irl (in real life) are always appreciated. The guy on the keyboards was actually hilarious. He showed up in a sombrero, which he eventually threw in the crowd in an attempt to get them to turn up. It worked.

Shoutout to the homie who texted me while I was at work, and asked if I wanted to go. I actually didn’t even know they were playing, so that was a win win. He has a friend at Goldenvoice, who I met, and is a sweetheart. Apparently, Goldenvoice owns El Rey Theater? Anyways, it’s one of my favorite venues in Los Angeles! Guys, I love small venues. Intimidate shows are so much better. Eff the Hollywood Bowl. El Rey is located on Wilshire Blvd, and I live pretty close. Mid City is the way to go.

Thank goodness for set times. I had just enough time to shower after work and get my ass there. I asked the box office if the show was sold out. To my surprise, it was! I was so happy for them. I loved their album Ego Death when it dropped. Shoutout to my homie who Dropbox-ed it to me. This show in LA was actually their first one to kick off their tour. Excitement.

The energy was so live from the moment the team hit the stage. I would definitely call them a band, versus group. They played their entire album through. With Syd on the mic and a live band blaring behind her, the crowd was amped. You could tell everyone in that building was there for them. In the beginning, they played “Get Away,” which I was just listening to earlier. Love when that happens. Then “Gabby,” which features Janelle Monae.

Halfway through the set, they started gigging to Soulja Boy and Roscoe Dash’s “All The Way Turnt Up.” Syd proceeded to cover Usher’s “You Don’t Have To Call.” The homie kept thinking every song she covered was Janet Jackson. It was hilarious. She played “Girl” featuring KAYTRANADA, def a crowd favorite. Then, my homie was tired so he dipped. I thought about it too, but they hadn’t played my favorite track yet.


Good decision Shirls. TYLER, THE CREATOR WHAT’S GOOD. I knew he would eventually. And yes, it was during my fav track “Palace/Curse.” He is such a goof. I actually used to not like him. He is the definition of an artist with no filter. But hey, the man is talented. PS did you know he’s banned from all of Australia? That’s boss shit. So, honestly, the way Tyler puts on for Syd is adorable. You can tell he really respects Syd and the band. Even better that I, as a fan, see the talent as well. Pretty sure everyone in that room saw it too. They all came to support on a Tuesday night.

Fortunately, for us, the show was over. For The Internet, it was not. Thanks to social media, it looks like they’ll be hosting an after-party at a spot in Hollywood. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Not all good things come to an end. Womp womp. My poor decision to park in the lot of Smart and Final was validated. I need to get it together. I’m just always late or in a hurry that I don’t think things through rationally. My car was trapped in the lot. I’ve done it in the past, and it was fine. It looks like they definitely cracked down. The numbers provided on the “DO NOT PARK” signs were also a bust. I spent a good hour trying to get someone to come unlock the gates, but I ended up with an “L.” I even offered the dude on the phone money lmao. But he said he had no power.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Talked about this track enough right?


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