I can’t help but think of cream cheese when I hear Philadelphia. My days serving at a sushi restaurant consisted of memorizing all the rolls, including the Philly roll, with salmon and cream cheese. Oh, and cucumber. But no ones cares about that.

Here we go! My last day to explore the city. It was Labor Day, and a lot of things were oddly closed. In the process of getting educated on the city and its history, I thought this was strange. Shouldn’t it be poppin? My sis said her friend had gone to the beach for the day. This meant hitting up Delaware. State hopping is such a bizarre concept to me… I’m a Cali girl. There’s only Cali around me haha. But anyways, a day off at the beach sounds about right.

We got lunch at a cute spot called High Street in Philly. It was a 45 minute wait for 5 people. No patience Shirley struggled. I was scared we were going to waste too much time and I wouldn’t be able to see the spots. One of the reasons I don’t eat out, or walk lmao. I just feel like it takes up so much time. Time I could be napping. Jk. It ended up being totally fine. I had a bomb broccoli salad with herb mayo and seasoned almonds.

Did you know Philly was the city of brotherly love? Shoutout to my Snapchat geofilter as I shared my salad that no one probably gave a fuck about. See, social media laces you with knowledge sometimes. After lunch, we stopped by the Benjamin Franklin museum which was LITERALLY next door. It was where his old home was before they tore it down, which was pretty dope. I told my sis they should have a hundred bill statue there. “It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.” Biggie, P. Diddy, and Lil Kim.

We then walked over to the Liberty Bell, right by Independence Hall. They signed the Declaration of Independence here! Okay honestly I hated history. I was so bad at it, at memorizing. But yo, that’s pretty dope. I’m such a tourist, and I have no shame. This bell was rung when the Declaration was read (thanks Wiki). To be honest, it was a lot smaller than I imagined. For some reason, I was thinking it was this huge extravagant bell.


Next, we took a cab to the Love sign. It was hot okay… speaking of. I hate walking. I love to run, that’s my time to escape. But walking, I just can’t. That’s why I’m scared to move to New York, I’m not sure how I’d deal without my car. I know that’s sad, but I’m just so inpatient. I really don’t consider it laziness, but some people might </3.

The Love sign was in John F. Kennedy Plaza, with a huge fountain behind it. For some reason, I thought it would be on the floor, and a lot bigger. Also, there’s multiple around the US. This is the original though! There was a huge line of tourists such as myself to take a picture. I’m so basic. Thanks to my sis and her homie for putting up with me. This is old news to them.

I wanted to check out the Rocky steps but we didn’t have time. Made In America was basically there though, so I was semi-okay with skipping it. Never saw the movie either, smh.

Took a cab to the airport. The Philly airport is cracking haha. Idk, I’m so entertained by what different areas have. Maybe I’m just too used to LAX. I had a ball this time traveling alone, I just talked to random people. SO out of curiosity, as I was going through security, I asked the TSA worker what it took to be a TSA worker. I meant qualifications. This fool told me to apply on-line. Lmao.

So I had the middle seat and the dude next to me made me extremely uncomfortable. That and I can never sleep in tight spaces. Rough journey back. AND THEN. My roomie had told me Uber now picks up from LAX. False. No cars available. Whyyyyyy.

I had to take a shuttle to a parking lot and then call an Uber. But I also had a heart to heart with my driver who was telling me to follow me dreams. Eeeeeek. But really, he stopped the meter to talk to me so I wouldn’t get charged.

Every time I get back from a trip, I have to unpack right away. Shoutout to my OCD never failing me. Back to reality. I’m sad.

A friend just reached out to me who is struggling. She sounded exactly like me, verbatim. Honestly, I need to start taking my own advice. You just have to be easy on yourself. Happiness is a choice. In this world today, there’s almost no end to satisfaction. We will always want more. As long as at the end of the day we can be proud of something, anything. It can be as small as smiling at a stranger. We’ll be okay. I promise.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Travis Scott’s Rodeo album is still hard af to me. This was a single from before the album was released, but fact of the day. Did you know it was referring to a $3500 fur coat Kim Kardashian got for North West? S M H. I love it. Haha.


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