Made In America Part 2

I’m honestly really happy rn, that I decided to commit to this trip. It was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. You know those music festival feels? Where you’re just so happy and grateful to be there. So blessed to be able to fly from LA to see baes Meek Mill and Future. I name drop those 2 because I’ve seen everyone else… multiple times. Those two artists are super hot for me rn. But really, who’s part of #FutureHive? I am aware his music is ignorant af, but that shit slaps. If you fuck with Future, we already have that common bond. It’s a beautiful thing really.

It was a little rough getting up this morning, not sure why. Naps for days. All I cared about was Future today. I was too amped. It felt a little hotter than yesterday, and there was sure a hell lot more people. Not sure why, I think Beyonce was the queen of the hour. Jk. I’m just biased cause I seen everyone. Keep reading.

We walked in to Santigold’s set, but we watched it from a Budweiser truck that had a roof top. It was dope. They also gave out free beers and burgers with a wristband from 1-5pm. None of us wanted burgers, so we gave it to those in need. Good karma I hope. But timeout, Santigold was rocking a full on sweat suit in 100 degree weather. I would die. We all concluded we would die. She also had a ridiculously oversized bow on her forehead. She’s wild, but that’s what makes her amazing.

Next we heard Jidenna playing at the stage next door. “Classic Man” still goes so hard. I wanted to catch Post Malone’s set, but we never made it. The homies from NYC hadn’t heard of him, which was a huge surprise to me. He’s gotten huge in LA, and “White Iverson” is one of the hardest tracks to this day. That shit was on mad repeat. I’ve also seen him live at a club in LA. He really turns up and puts on a great performance. I love when an artist feels their music as hard as we do.

Anyways, FUTURE!!!!! I had to find my peoples, and we did. First of all, I have the biggest damn crush on DJ Esco. I can’t deal. I know he’s a huge player, but one day. Future had me feeling some type of way. It was everything I ever wanted. I’m talking beyond Dirty Sprite 2, which he played a lot of. I was very pleased. So, “Trap Niggas” is one of my favorite tracks by him. I actually played it in the car on the way to Mosaic for my baptism lmao. I could also easily play it every day on my way to work. It really just gets me hyped. He played “Peacoat,” “Layup,” “Karate Chop.” The crowd LOVED “Fuck Up Some Commas,” naturally. “Shit” also went so hard, I was not ready. He closed it out with “Good Kush & Alcohol,” a track with Lil Wayne and Drake. Done.

I was literally satisfied at the point, and it was barely 6pm. Next up was Big Sean, always a goodie. His throwback to “Dance (@$$)” had Made In America twerking for sure. We then found ourselves on the front railing at GTA soon after. Shoutout to my sis and homie, always finessing our way to the very front. It really makes a huge difference. Boss shit. GTA was so turnt! I’m seeing them at the Hollywood Palladium in November with my homeboy, anyone can join :). The reason I bought tickets to that show so early was because K Camp is opening for them. I’ve seen them before, but forgot how dope they were. AND, they mix a ton of hip hop tracks. Win win.


Cole world. J. Cole at sunset was everything. An artist so talented and inspiring, I will never lose respect for him. Fav tracks by him would still have to be “Lights Please,” “In Da Morning,” and “Planes.” Ending all his sets with “Planes,” a baby making track with Jeremih, was my exact thinking. Glad we on the same page Jermaine.

Back to the turn up. Axwell & Ingrosso though. Texting my brother (standarly), I found out they were a part of Swedish House Mania. I feel so late with EDM sometimes -____-. But I love to know, so feel free to educate or correct me at any time. They had the crowd so lit. Someone also was throwing out 2 dollar bills. My sis hustled her ass for one and gave it to me. THANKS BB!!! It’s the little things in life, I swear. The lights were amazing and they had a fire go off at multiple drops throughout their set. It was sick.

Okay, The Weeknd. 0 expectations, and 100% satisfaction each time. I JUST saw him at Hard Summer, but it was still so so good. We definitely felt ourselves during “Can’t Feel My Face.” There was also a brave male in the audience who climbed the light pole and started humping it mid air. That’s what I love to see, in all honesty. Those feelings and emotions that an artist can make you feel, everything.

TRACK OF THE DAY: One of my fav tracks in the world. Remix with August Alisina doe. J Cole and Jeremih. Everything.


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