Yooooooooo. I love Philly. Okay jk, I haven’t really experienced it yet, but I do love traveling. This is my first time traveling alone in a long time, and it turned out to be actually really great. I’m so used to traveling with my brother who takes care of everything (sorry that sounds so spoiled), so this was definitely a challenge to myself. I took a red-eye out of LAX Friday night, which had a layover in Boston. Definitely a struggle and definitely rough. I could have picked one way, but this was cheaper. *skull face emoji* While we’re on the subject, I was freezing on the flight, and was told blankets were only for first class. #welp

I met up with my sis (not real, don’t worry) who I haven’t seen in forever and it was like nothing had changed. Don’t you love those friends? Just knowing they got you for life type shit. Keepers. She took a bus down from New York with her homeboy. Thank goodness there was a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, because I do NOT believe in paying for taxis. Shoot, I barely believe in Uber. After passing out for a couple hours, it was time. Made In America in Philly let’s go!

For those of you who don’t know, it is a 2 day music festival put on by Jay Z and Budweiser. Oh, I guess Jay Z and Tidal. I went to the festival last year in LA, but they stopped it. Tears. I was most excited this year for Meek Mill and Future. Meanwhile, the rest of the world were waiting to see Queen Bey. Happy birthday to Beyonce a couple days ago <3.

Our hotel was walking distance from the festival. Super clutch. It took place at Benjamin Franklin Parkway and everyone was coming into town for the event. But man, it was hot. Not just hot… but humid, which is worse. Forget that though, I was in a new city and new state! I’m convinced life is about making enough money to travel and see the world. If only. Automatically when we walked in, we felt the good vibes. Everyone was there for the love of music. It was beautiful.


Okay so I didn’t get the American flag memo. I know I wore blue and white but… EVERYONE was decked out in American flag bandanas and sunglasses. The whole festival in itself was not too big, unlike the others I’ve been to. You could get from one stage to another in a reasonable amount of time. DISCLAIMER: I walk slow. K thanks. haha.

When we walked in, Vic Mensa was on the main stage. I love him so much, and really respect him as an artist. He just signed to Roc Nation and got a huge tattoo of the logo on the side of his neck. I’ve also interviewed him before. When I asked “What did you do with your first advance,” he pointed to a huge stamp tattoo on his forearm that said “SAVE MONEY.” Respect. He killed his set, standardly.

The first act we wanted to see was G Eazy, who I’ve been a fan of since day one. How could I not though, he’s from the bay. He played a mixture of old and new tracks. “You Got Me” is his latest banger, where he goes “Bitch you got me fucked up.” This seemed to resonate with the crowd. Everybody was turning up.

Caught some Nick Jonas. I can’t take him seriously :|. Don’t worry, I know “Jealous” is a good song.

Next, DJ Mustard. You can never get sick of this guy. We mobbed to the front so we could twerk on the railing. Duh. I actually saw Vic posted on the side of the stage turning up to his set. I love when artists support other artists. My sis and her friend really wanted to see his set, but I had to cut them off to run to Meek Mill. He’s top 5 for me.

I’ve been a Meek Mill fan since day one. You know I lost it when he performed “Dreams And Nightmares.” That track still goes so hard at the club. It’s super inspiring to me. I know there are Meek haters out there, and they can keep hating. He made it. He came from the streets. And now he’s with the baddest bitch in the game. I knew he would bring out Nicki Minaj, and the crwod went wild. She always has this strut when she shows up for guest appearances. She’s calm and smirks, cause she knows she’s the shit. I was very much in denial at first, but they are a power couple for sure. They performed “All Eyes On You,” and my heart melted. It usually does when I hear that song. I definitely see a child in their new future haha. Meek played his old tracks too. “I got that Justin Bieber, please believe it!” Shoutout to Rick Ross and MMG.

Okay so after that set, I was down to do whatever. We saw part of Tanlines’ set, who is an Indie band from New York. Our friend was from NY and loved it. It was cute. That was my rest period, as I sat on the curb. Next was Duke Damont. I love him. He’s European. Listen to “I Got U.” I love him because a lot of his tracks have female vocals- yes please.

We left early to catch the end of Modest Mouse, secretly to get a spot for Queen Bey. AKA we went to post up almost 2 hours before her set. There was about an hour and half of silence, and standing and waiting. The thing is… it was all types of crazy. First of all, bitches LOVE Beyonce. I didn’t even really how crazy it was until that moment. People were pushing and shoving, words were thrown at each other. There was a lot of attitude. Given I was at the very front of the stage, people were not playing. It was honestly really intense and made me want to abort mission many times.

Bey is flawless, absolutely flawless. I’ve seen her a couple times now, and she never has a single thing off point. Even if you tried to find something… you can’t. Yes, it was impossible to play all her songs in one set, but she was breaking it down. She danced like… she never had a kid. haha. It was great. At one point, she gave us a little choreography to Future’s “Fuck Up Some Commas.” Yas queen. A couple tracks that stuck out to me that I wasn’t too familiar with: “Haunted,” “XO,” and “1+1.” Her second to last song was “Grown Woman.” She really stands up for the females and them being a strong member of the society. Mad respect.

Awkward moment though. One of her dancers had a solo gig and it was her time to shine on stage. She was wearing a very tight leotard and… nipple slip. It was weird, but nobody wanted to be distracted from her talent. Anyone else catch that?

Bey closed out her long awaited set with “Single Ladies,” showing off her rock on her finger from the boss, Jay Z. I can’t tell who has it better. Is Bey lucky or is Jay?

Now everyone is passed out and I’m eating travel size peanut butter stolen from the continental breakfast. Think I’ll shower to pass time by. Thanks for reading 🙂

TRACK OF THE DAY: This has been my favorite track all week. It was honestly a really long week and I needed this trip so bad. Anyways, Kehlani annihilates Drake on this. Someone mentioned how Charlie Puth just reminds them of his feature on Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again.” I didn’t even notice it until then. But… Khelani is bae.


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