We Are Your Friends


Hg sent me this meme. If you’re my friend, feel free to send me funny shit… any time. They get me through the day. But honestly, this is the best line on the whole Future album. #DirtySprite2. Also, this is my kind of Wheel Of Fortune. Ha.

Excuse this ADD post. It’s 4:30am and I’ve never been so awake. Honestly, I had an epiphany tonight. I firmly believe my naps are hindering me from reaching my full potential in life. They certainly aren’t helping the insomnia I’ve been struggling with since before I can remember. It’s just, I’ll literally catch myself fantasizing about that nap when I get home. I think about it a lot… throughout my day. Smh. You feel me though?

Thank goodness for late night movie showings. Me and my hg saw We Are Your Friends at The Grove tonight… at 12:25am. Clutch. I woke up at 11pm. The fountain was off. Apologies to my Snapchat friends who don’t get to see the lovely water fountain I post every time I’m there. It’s literally the same snap every time and I find it funny. I hope people don’t think I’m serious haha. But yes, The Grove is one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles.

The movie was great. Here’s my review via blkdmnds.com.


If you like EDM and go to raves and festivals, you’ll get a kick out of this. Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski (always a challenge spelling that one) blessing the big screen is enough reason in itself to check it out.

But really, she’s fire. Have you guys seen her in the music video with Robin Thicke? Her career set sail after that one. I’ll lace you with the link at the bottom.

I can’t believe it’s almost September. August was really rough for me, but it definitely flew by. I recently got my dream job (take that with a grain of salt) but I’m future tripping. I have literally no days off in September. And looking at the social obligations I committed to on top of my schedule literally stresses me out. I had to quit the kickball league I signed up for on Sunday’s :(. Shout out to Urban Spots LA. I would highly recommend this recreational league to any one looking to have a great time and meet amazing new faces.

Back to my rant. I legit just want a day off to go see my brother’s new place in Irvine. Oh and errands. 8-9 hour days every day are going to be hard to get used to. I don’t have enough time to get my nails done on my lunch breaks. Serious concern…

I also got an email tonight that Jake Gyllenhaal retweeted my article on Southpaw.

jake tweet

Upon further research, I realized I can’t tell if that’s his official account. And then I realized, I really don’t give a fuck. Lawl. Here’s the article if you’re interested. Dope movie.


Final thought. Los Angeles is having another heat wave. I honestly hate being cold over anything, but that moment of getting in your car and your seatbelt is too hot to put on is pretty bad too.

Long day tomorrow. Pray for me. Or send me memes of Future.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Emily Ratajkowski. Jk. This music video was great though. #FBF (Flashback Friday).


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