City Of Angels

Yesterday was National Dog Day. Never wanted a dog more in my life haha.

Hg hit me up today and said her friend wanted to go to dope places in LA at night and take pictures for her new clothing line. Automatic yes. I’ve been wanting to hit this spot on La Brea with angel wings on the wall for some time now. I drive by all the time.

Of course with my memory, I forgot where it was.

My other hg laces me with this amazing link:

Definitely clutch.


It was brought to my attention that this makes me look like Dumbo cause the wings are to my ear. Can’t win them all. We also hit the wall that said “Made In LA.” Snapchatted that and drew the BAY over LA. Had to.

Side note, I love Weho. It has so many things, from fashion, to food, to just… eye candy. Los angeles really is the city of angels. People from all over the world come here to get made, or to make something of themselves. I’ve been here 5 years plus now. Need to remind myself, I’m blessed to be here.  NO MORE COMPLAINING SHIRLS. K bye.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This song came on my shuffle during my midnight run today. Yo, rap was so dope back in the day. I love when tracks tell a story. Atmosphere always hits the spot. But really… how routine is your life? “Yesterday was like today.”


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