Mistress America

I just got home from watching Mistress America, an indie film showing at my favorite movie theaters in Los Angeles: The Landmark on Pico. Best popcorn and the most luxurious black leather seats. Honestly, indie films are where it’s at. I always get a deep meaning out of them, even if I have to dig. This story was based in New York, and really really made me want to move there (I feel like if I say it enough, it’ll actually happen one day).

I won’t bore you with the plot, but I related to one of the main characters almost too much. It was scary. It was about her journey to find herself and what she loves in life. It showed her need for social media as a way to stay connected with the world. Not because she wanted to, but felt like she had to. It highlighted the fact that you really don’t know shit until you’re 30, and you still might not know. This gave me some hope, since I keep telling people I’m going through a mid life crisis. But like really, I totally am.

Side note, me and my hg (hg = homegirl, please don’t ask again) (jk) got the best foot massage before. If you know me, you know I need my massages. Self care is a huge priority in life, and I encourage everyone to have that one getaway that gets them through the week. It’s something I actually won’t mind spending money on. I’m frugal to say the least. I also hope to convert all my friends eventually. It’s fun to go with a buddy.

My grandma passed away this week and they were cleaning out her apartment. My brother just flew home for the funeral and texted me this picture:


The text said: “Dude she was knitting baby socks for us.”

Is that not the saddest thing you’ve ever heard? My heart broke in that moment. Tears came for sure.

That’s really our overall purpose in life though right? To reproduce and give your kids the best life possible?


TRACK OF THE DAY: This song is cute. I love Jake and Papa, a R&B duo from LA. They definitely can sing. Honestly, I couldn’t find anything on Quiz. Hopefully soon :).


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