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Alright guys, I’m finally starting this shit. I go to way too many events and shows and have way too many opinions to bottle it all in. Not sure where I’m headed with it, but fuck it.

This is my first time hitting FYF Fest. Shoutout to the homie Mark with the homie discount though <3. I was honestly really excited. It was my first time going and all my friends had gone previous years. Honestly though, I was hurt. Frank Ocean had pulled out a couple days before the event…. and replaced with Kanye. Yo, Ye is cool and all, but I’ve seen him SO many times. Not knocking him off, because it ended up to be one of the best sets I’ve experienced in a while. Fr. I usually get annoyed at “All Day,” but I was feeling myself tough.

Minus that, Goldroom had such a beautiful set. I’ve seen him at a club in Hollywood before. If you haven’t heard his music, you’re sleeping. I would describe it in one word: beautiful. His music is just some feel good shit. Listen to “Embrace” if you can :).

Can’t say I was very successful in hitting all the acts I wanted to. Chet Faker though. Amazing. He also brought out Banks, in which we all struggled for a hot minute to figure out who he had brought out (that happens to me a lot…). I missed him at Outside Lands this year, but all my friends were blessed with his presence up in the bay.

After Kanye’s set, me and my girl just sat and watched Purity Ring. Low key killed it. They’re a duo with a guy and girl from Canada. Really, really dope set. It got us for sure.

WAIT I FORGOT. Kanye brought out Travis Scott. ANTIDOTE LIVE WAS ALL I EVER WANTED! But really, that moment was so precious. Travis Scott turns the fuck up. If you ever get a chance to catch his show, highly recommended. He also showcased his ego, as expected. With 10 minutes left, he made an announcement, “I have 10 minutes left to play over 1,000 singles.” Something along those lines, that was not verbatim. THE SAD PART IS, it’s so true. He really has so many hits. Each minute he announced how much time he had left… which was a little annoying.

I FORGOT!! Rihanna was definitely in the crowd and sang her part for “FourFiveSeconds.” I wanted her to sing “BBHMM” soooooo bad. I would have literally lost my mind. But we all know Kanye wasn’t about to let RiRi take the spotlight.

Minus the music- the day itself was a magical journey (like I wish I could express it in words but…. I guess that’s exactly what I’m trying to do). Just positive vibes all around. Everyone was on the same page. We had many giggle attacks. Like for instance, our friend needed food and we decided to stop at the poutine truck. I have honestly NEVER heard of poutine in my life and couldn’t get over that. I guess it’s just… fries and gravy? from Canada? (had to Google again, not gonna lie). I don’t know why, but I was just dumbfounded I had never heard of such a dish. The best part was we took the wrong food… wops. That and the poutine truck was literally made for someone on drugs. The artwork was surreal. We just sat there and took it in.

Okay so now I’m suffering. Music festivals get me. It’s my happy place but then I get back to reality and I cry. Music is so powerful in so many ways and I wish we could just all experience its beauty 24/7. But it’s okay. That’s life right? I got this.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Casey Veggies is one of my favorite rappers and I’ll continue to put on for him. I’ma leave you with this one. “Shout out to everybody fucking with me.”


2 thoughts on “FYF FEST = FUCK YEAH FEST

  1. haha shirley you’re the best. I didn’t realize Frank Ocean pulled out 2 days before the show!! I would have been super pissed because I almost bought tickets purely just to see him for the first time. eek.


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